How do I enable and use the ADP Workforce Now integration?

Available for User roles All users. Can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages


As an official ADP partner, Lever’s ADP Workforce Now Connector integration seamlessly sends new hire data from Lever to ADP Workforce Now when candidates are hired in Lever. Available information from the candidate profile, requisition, offer, and profile form are pre-populated in ADP’s New Hire Wizard, and therefore saves time and improves data entry quality.



1. Log into your Lever Hire instance and click on the Settings menu.

2. Select the integrations option from the left-hand sidebar.

3. Click the toggle next to the ADP integration.

4. Select the "Go to ADP Marketplace" button to be re-directed to the ADP marketplace.



Unlike most of Lever’s partner integrations, the ADP Workforce Now integration must be initiated, managed, and purchased from the ADP Marketplace. To begin, have a Lever Super Admin log into the ADP Marketplace and select the appropriate edition and purchase the subscription.

Once you have initiated your integration request from the ADP Marketplace, a Lever representative will reach out confirming your subscription details and providing more information on next steps. Once verified, you will need to log into the ADP Marketplace to provide consent for Lever to create new applicant onboard records. Please note, the ADP integration will not be functional until consent is provided through the ADP Marketplace.

In addition, the Lever - ADP Workforce Now integration utilizes the ADP “Applicant Onboard” template in Workforce Now. Details on how to set this up can be found here.


The Applicant Onboard template requires that the "Practitioner" permission be enabled. Only practitioners in your account will be able to edit onboarding records sent through the integration.

Field Mapping (Optional)

The minimum Lever details required to create a new applicant onboard record in ADP Workforce Now are First Name, Last Name and Hire Date. There are also many other candidate, requisition, offer, and profile form data in Lever that can be sent to ADP Workforce Now as part of the integration. Please review the ADP field mapping document for a full list of supported fields.


Configure the fields you’d like to sync from Lever beforehand.

Creating a new ADP Workforce Now Applicant Onboard record from Lever

Once your integration request has been verified and consent is provided, you can begin sending new hire candidate data from Lever to ADP Workforce Now. The integration will send all data present and populated on the field mapping document on hire in Lever for pre-population in ADP Workforce Now's New Hire Wizard.


Lever will not be able to create new applicant onboard records in ADP Workforce Now unless consent is provided after purchase..


Before hiring the candidate, make sure that all desired fields are filled out on the candidate, requisition, offer, and “ADP Integration Form” profile form. The more fields present and populated in Lever, the more fields that will be pre-populated in ADP Workforce Now. The field mapping document for this integration can be found here.

To kick off the integration, hire a candidate in Lever by archiving the candidate as “Hired”.


Within a few minutes, a new applicant onboard record will automatically be created in the “In-Progress Hires” section of ADP Workforce Now. An ADP Workforce Now practitioner can see the pre-populated record when logging in as an Administrator in ADP Workforce Now and navigating to Process → HR → Hire / Rehire → In-Progress Hires.


Clicking on the name of the applicant onboard record in ADP Workforce Now will display all of the pre-populated information passed from Lever. An ADP Workforce Now practitioner can augment the record with additional data, verify, and process the record.


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