How do ADP Workforce Now fields get mapped in Lever?

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This help-article will walk you through the field mapping for the Lever-ADP Workforce Now integration. For an overview of the integration, please see How do I enable and use the ADP Workforce Now Integration.

Lever’s ADP Workforce Now integration allows you to streamline operations by automatically pushing new applicant onboard records to ADP when candidates are hired in Lever. Available information from Lever’s candidate profile, requisition, offer, and profile form are pre-populated in ADP’s New Hire Wizard, and therefore saves time and improves data entry quality. The field mapping can be done during or after enabling and setting up the Lever-ADP integration.

Lever-ADP Field Mapping Chart

The following field mapping chart outlines the fields used by the Lever-ADP Workforce Now integration.

Additional fields can be passed from Lever to ADP Workforce Now for pre-population by setting up an “ADP Integration Form” profile form and/or by adding custom fields to the Requisition object in Lever. Please make sure that the fields configured in Lever match the data type and values configured as listed in the chart below. Please note, configuring your profile forms and/or requisition custom fields is a one-time setup.

Lever Candidate

 Lever Field  Lever Data Type ADP Field ADP Data Type
Name  text First Name  string
Name  text Middle Name  string
Name  text Last Name  string
Email text Home Email string
Phone text Personal Cell integer

Lever Profile Forms

Configuring the field below is completely optional. If you would like to pass any of these fields from Lever to ADP, you'll need to set up a profile form called ADP Integration Form

Lever Field
Lever Data Type
ADP Field
ADP Data Type
Reason for Hire dropdown Reason for Hire dropdown
Salutation dropdown Salutation dropdown
First Name text First Name string
Middle Name text Middle Name string
Last Name text Last Name string
Generation Suffix  dropdown  Generation Suffix dropdown
Professional Suffix dropdown  Professional Suffix dropdown
Preferred Name  text Preferred Name  text
Gender dropdown  Gender dropdown
Address Line 1 text Address Line 1  string 
Address Line 2 text Address Line 2 string 
Address Line 3  text Address Line 3 string 
City  text City  string 
State  dropdown State/ Territory  dropdown
Zip Code  text Postal Code  string
Country Code  dropdown Country  dropdown

Lever Requisition


Custom requisition fields are optional and require either an Enterprise plan or the Custom Requisition Fields add-on. Please reach out to your Lever account representative if you would like to add custom requisition fields to your Lever Hire account.
Lever Field Lever Field Id Lever Data Type ADP Field ADP Data Type
ADP Job Code adpjobcode dropdown Job Title dropdown
ADP Employee Type adpemployeetype dropdown Worker Category dropdown
ADP Business Unit adpbusinessunit dropdown Business Unit dropdown
ADP Department adpdepartment dropdown Home Department dropdown


Lever Offer

Lever Field
Lever Data Type
ADP Field
ADP Data Type
Type of earnings dropdown Regular Pay Rate  dropdown
Offered compensation amount text (single line) Offered compensation amount  decimal  
Compensation currency dropdown Compensation currency  dropdown
Office location dropdown Location  dropdown


Lever Webhook

Lever Field
Lever Data Type
ADP Field
ADP Data Type
- datetime Hire Date  date


Setting Up Profile Forms

This optional step needs to be done by a Lever Admin or Super Admin.

  • Navigate to the form settings page in Lever Hire
  • Add a new form titled “ADP Integration Form”
  • Include all the fields that you would like to send to ADP
  • Add the form to the desired candidate profile and fill out the form

Learn about setting up a profile form and adding it to the candidate profiles in this help article.

For example, if you want to pass ‘gender’ and ‘salutation’ fields, you would do so by following the above steps and as shown in the screenshot below:


Adding Custom Fields to Requisition

This step is also optional and needs to be configured by a Lever Admin or Super Admin.

  • Navigate to the requisitions settings page, under the custom fields section in Lever Hire
  • Add the custom requisition fields (from the chart below) that you would like to send to ADP

Learn more about requisitions in Lever in these help articles.

For example, if you want to pass the ‘ADP Employment Type’ field, you would do so by following the above steps and as shown in the screenshot below:



Passing ADP Dropdown Fields

For any field of type “dropdown” in ADP, the dropdown values in ADP must match the dropdown values configured in Lever. The Lever-ADP Integration can accept ADP dropdown values in three forms:  

  • Value Description
  • Code Value
  • Short Name

For example, if you want to add dropdown value for the ADP Job Code field, which maps to a custom requisition field in Lever, the dropdown values can be passed in any combination of the following ways:

  • Value Description: DA - Data Analyst
  • Code Value:  DA
  • Short Name: Data Analyst

In the screenshot below, notice the 3 values been passed in different 3 ways:


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