How do I enable my Docusign or Adobe sign integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins
Plans Enterprise, Professional

To enable offer documents to be electronically signed, enable our DocuSign or Adobe Sign integrations by going to Settings > Integrations.


Only one Docusign or Adobe Sign account is used to authenticate the integration. Once the integration is live, it can then be used by all Lever users to send offer letters.

Copies of all offer letters sent through Lever will be exported to the associated Docusign or Adobe Sign account. So if it's important for several recruiters to see the originals, consider creating a shared login and authenticating the integration with that login.

Please note: The DocuSign integration does not support Single Sign-On (SSO) authentication at this time. If you are using a DocuSign account configured for SSO, you will need to contact your IT administrator to create a specific "Lever" account that is not configured for SSO. Once complete, you may use the credentials for this user to complete your DocuSign authentication. 

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