How do I enable and use the SkillSurvey integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
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The SkillSurvey integration requires set up by both the SkillSurvey and Lever teams. If you’re interested in using Lever’s integration with SkillSurvey, please first reach out to your SkillSurvey Account Manager in addition to reaching out to Lever Customer support.

Please note there are additional setup fees from SkillSurvey 


SkillSurvey makes the referencing and sourcing process more efficient and effective by helping employers save time, grow revenues, and bring employees onboard faster. SkillSurvey applies the science of human behavior to create a fuller picture of the people you recruit and hire—and to help everyone succeed.

At a high level, the Lever-SkillSurvey integration will initiate a SkillSurvey program to be sent to the candidate when a candidate moves to a certain trigger stage (e.g. Reference Check) in Lever. Lever will send the candidate’s name and email along with job posting title, department, and recruiter email to SkillSurvey. Upon notification, SkillSurvey will generate an invitation to the candidate via email to enter reference information, agree to a consent form and send an email to references to complete the reference survey. While reference information is being collected in SkillSurvey, the SkillSurvey program updates will be reflected in Lever as tags including status, reference count, and SkillSurvey score. Also, when available, a link to the reference report will be added to the candidate’s profile. A default SkillSurvey Program can be configured as part of setting up the integration, but it can also be overridden by applying a tag of the preferred SkillSurvey Program name.



1. Contact SkillSurvey: Setting up the SkillSurvey integration involves a SkillSurvey Account Manager to make sure your SkillSurvey account is configured correctly for the integration. In order to do this, you’ll need to reach out to your SKS Account Manager and request the Lever-SkillSurvey integration. After configuration, a SkillSurvey Account Manager will provide you with the following information:

  • SkillSurvey Account Name
  • SkillSurvey Company Id
  • SkillSurvey Brand Code
  • SkillSurvey User Name
  • SkillSurvey Password
  • List of SkillSurvey Surveys: This may be used to help determine which surveys/programs to associate with a Lever posting, candidate or default survey option (see below).
  • List of SkillSurvey Divisions: This may be used to determine which Division to associate with a Lever posting, candidate or default division option (see below).

2. Contact Lever: Once you have that information, you can reach out to your Lever point of contact or Lever’s support team to enable the integration and provide the above information. In  addition, please provide the following:

  • Trigger Stage: The Lever pipeline stage that automatically triggers the SkillSurvey reference check. If you've provided Lever with a default survey, Lever will automatically run that survey/program when a candidate is advanced to the trigger stage. If you have not selected a default survey/program, we will look for a tag that matches the name of one of your SkillSurvey surveys/program.
  • Default Division (Optional): The division that you would like to automatically associate a candidate with when created on SkillSurvey's platform.
  • Default Survey/Program (Optional): The survey that you want to run automatically when a candidate is advanced to the trigger stage by an authorized SkillSurvey user. If a SkillSurvey survey name is specified in a tag on the candidate profile, we will run that specific survey instead of the Default survey.
  • Completion Stage (Optional): The stage that you want the candidate to automatically advance to when the SkillSurvey order is complete.

Once you have sent Lever this information, the appropriate API key and webhook settings will be configured in your Lever account. Do not delete these, or the integration will stop working!

3. Provide SkillSurvey with Event Hook: Finally, Lever will provide for you a SkillSurvey Event Hook URL which you will need to send to your SkillSurvey account representative. Once SkillSurvey has configured the event hook, your integration setup is complete!

Tip: You can automatically tag candidates based on which postings they have applied to! Simply go to the jobs section in Lever, click on a job, and add the SkillSurvey survey name as a tag.

Setting up a SkillSurvey Reference Check from Lever

Once you’ve completed setup, any candidate that is advanced to your trigger stage by a user with the appropriate permissions in SkillSurvey will have their information including candidate name, email address, Lever job posting text, department, and recruiter email address sent to SkillSurvey. This data will be used to populate a candidate profile in SkillSurvey and you will be able to see the status of your candidate on the SkillSurvey "Manage Candidates" dashboard:

SkillSurvey will then generate an invitation to the candidate via email to begin the reference check process where they will provide their reference contact information. Once the invitation has been sent, Lever will add a tag to the candidate profile in Lever denoting the current status of the reference check.

A full table of the possible status tags can be seen below. There will be only one SkillSurvey status tag on a candidate's profile at any given time.

SkillSurvey Survey/Program Status Lever SkillSurvey Status Tag
NoRefsEntered sks - no refs entered
RefsEnteredNotSent sks - refs entered & email not sent
RefsEntered sks - email sent to refs entered
RefResponseReceived sks - refs response received
OptedOut sks - candidate opt out
FinalizeReport sks - finalize report
ViewReport sks - view report
RefinalizeReport sks - refinalize report


In addition, the SkillSurvey score and total reference count (manager + non-manager) will be reflected back in Lever as well.

Once the reference check is completed, a gated SkillSurvey link to the results will be posted back to the candidate profile.

If the Completion Stage is configured, the candidate will be advanced to that stage upon reaching the SkillSurvey ViewReport status.

Overriding your Default SkillSurvey Survey/Program

During setup, you have the option to provide a default survey/program to send to all candidates that reach the trigger stage. However, you can also run different surveys for different roles and candidates! In order to override the default survey (or select a survey if you did not provide a default survey), simply add a tag with the name of the survey to the candidate's profile before advancing them to the trigger stage. Remember that you can automatically tag candidates on a Posting-by-Posting basis. 

Overriding your Default SkillSurvey Division

Similar to the default survey, you may also override the default Division a candidate is associated with prior to sending the candidate to the trigger stage. Simply add a tag to the candidate profile with the format "SS Division - <Division Name>" where <Division Name> is the name of the SkillSurvey Division you would like the candidate associated to. For example: "SS Division - Retail" would be added as a tag to the job posting or candidate profile.

Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help with your SkillSurvey integration!  

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