How do I see the candidates associated with my requisitions?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Plans Enterprise, Professional

After requisitions are integrated into your hiring workflow, they are associated with candidates in two ways:

  1. Offers: We automatically reserve requisition headcount for the candidate when their offer is sent out for approval. This ensures that there’s headcount available for hiring the candidate! The offer remains connected with the requisition until the offer is deleted or declined, or the candidate is hired.
    1. If you don’t use offer approvals, we reserve the headcount when you send the offer to the candidate.
  2. Applications: When you hire a candidate for a posting that’s linked to a requisition, their hired application is tied to the requisition.

How do I view the candidates associated with my requisitions?

Quickly review the candidates that are tied to requisitions by navigating to the requisitions homepage. The homepage is where Super Admins and Admins can view all requisitions in their team's account. Team Members and Limited Team Members can view the requisitions that they own or are the hiring manager for.

On the homepage, you’ll see two columns titled "active offers" and "hired":


Active offers include offers that are sent out for approval, offers sent to the candidate, and signed offers. When the candidate is archived as "hired", the candidate will stop counting toward "active offers" and will start counting toward the "hired" column.

Click on the numbers in these columns, and take a quick glance at the related candidates.



To see more information for a particular requisition, click on the requisition title, or click the "see all" text in the pop-up shown in the previous screenshot. The "offers and hires" tab will show you additional details about the candidate's offer and application. This information brings clarity and can help you ensure that the data matches expectations.


Why are some of the candidate details not accessible to me?

Although you can view requisition details, you may occasionally find that you’re unable to view some information about particular candidates that are tied to your requisitions. This can happen if the candidate profile is anonymized, you don’t have access to the profile, or you don’t have access to see the candidate’s offer details.

This is an example of what you would see if you didn't have access to see a candidate profile:



If you accidentally delete a candidate that’s associated with a requisition, contact our support team and they can tell you who the deleted candidate is.

Can I export this information?

While the candidate information cannot be exported from the requisitions homepage, you can export a couple of corresponding reports to gather the same details.

Super Admins can start by downloading an export of requisition details from the "Exports → Requisitions" page. This export includes the counts of hired candidates and active offers that are reserving requisition headcount.

To see the candidates that are hired toward a requisition, they can then download the Candidates export and review the “Requisition For Hire ID” and “Requisition For Hire Requisition Code” columns. Pair these exports with the Offers export to get the whole picture.

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