How do I manage the agency candidates submitted to my pipeline in Lever?



To learn more about how to set up agency partners in your Lever account, please visit this help article here.

Candidates submitted through an agency job site will automatically have the agency’s default source tag applied to the candidate’s profile, as well as a profile story of its submission details. This automatic tagging system makes it easier for you to clearly identify the origin and agency source of the candidates and preserves the integrity of reporting within Lever for better data accuracy.

When working with candidates submitted by agencies after they’ve entered your Lever pipeline, you can easily find the agency’s primary contact information by hovering over the source details directly on the candidate’s profile.


If you’d like to keep agencies in the loop about their submitted candidates beyond the daily report, you have the ability to easily CC your primacy contact when emailing the candidates from Lever. If the agency’s primary contact details have been provided in the Agencies page under Settings, their email address will automatically be populated in the CC field, where you’ll have the option to include them in the email just by simply clicking on the agency name.


To learn more about what candidate information is shared in the daily agency digest, please visit this help article here.

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