How do I manage agency source tags?


Assigning tags for new agencies

An important part of working with numerous agencies is being able to clearly identify when and whom candidates were submitted by. To maintain data hygiene and ensure candidates are associated with the correct agency source tag, Super Admins are required to assign a default agency source tag when adding an agency for the first time in Lever.


When clicking into the default source tag field, you’ll have the option of either creating a new default source tag by typing into the field or selecting an existing source tag from the dropdown list. Candidates submitted through the agency job site moving forward will automatically have the default source tag, as well as the "Job site" tag, applied on the candidate profile. This helps ensure consistency across all candidate submissions for better reporting accuracy and prevents different variations of similar agency tags from being created in Lever.

If you need to update a default source tag for an agency, or any other fields within the agency information page, any changes will retroactively update candidates already associated with the agency in real time. If any user attempts to make changes to an existing default source tag, a flyover will appear in the Lever to confirm the user wants to update the source tag in efforts to protect data accuracy in your account.



For companies with duplicate source tags, we recommend adding agencies to Lever first with a default source tag before taking action on the Sources and Tags list. That way, your team can merge or remove agency tags, so that the most accurate agency details will be reflected on the correct candidate profiles. If you are setting up agencies in Lever for the first time, please visit this help article here to learn more about how to get started.

Managing agency tags on the candidate profile

Occasionally, users will need to make changes to a candidate’s origin and source. If a candidate’s origin is updated to “Agency” from the candidate profile, users will have the ability to select from a dropdown list of existing default agency source tags.


Managing existing agency tags

From the Sources and Tags page under Settings, Admins and Super Admins can merge existing source tags to current agency default source tags. Any designated default source tags added from Agencies page will be easily identifiable with an identicon, letting users know the source is associated with an agency in Lever.

When managing your agency source tags, there are several behaviors that might be helpful to keep in mind.

  • An existing default source tag for an agency cannot be merged with another existing default source tag.
  • An existing default source tag cannot be merged to a regular source tag.
  • An existing default source tag cannot be deleted from the Sources and Tags list.
  • When merging regular source tags to a default source tag for an agency, doing so attribute those candidates to the agency - and therefore accounted for in the daily status email sent to the agency, particularly in the candidate summary dashboard.



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