How do I easily share candidate statuses with agencies?


We know it’s helpful for hiring teams to have the ability to share status updates of the candidates that agency partners submitted - quickly and efficiently. When you add a primary contact to an agency in Lever, we'll automatically send a daily status email to the primary contact summarizing updates about their submitted candidates from the previous day.

The agency daily status email provides agencies with a recap of the following categories.

  • Candidate summary (all time)
  • Recently scheduled interviews (from the past 24 hours)
  • Stage changes
  • Archived candidates



The email will also include a CSV report with the following fields for all candidates currently active or archived in last 6 months:

  • Candidate name
  • Organizations field
  • Job posting(s)
  • Upcoming interview date
  • Archived status
  • Archive reason 
  • Archive date
  • Hired status
  • Current stage name


The daily status email will provide updates to agencies about candidates in Lever if the agency's default source tag is attributed to the candidate's profile and if there is an active application for a job posting that the agency is assigned to.

Please note: If your company has GDPR compliance settings configured in Lever, anonymized candidates will not be included in the CSV report but they will be counted towards the candidate summary of the daily status email.

To ensure all relevant candidates are accounted for in the agency daily status email, read more about how to manage agency source tags here.

If your agency partners no longer want to receive the daily status emails from Lever, you can stop the emails by removing the primary contact's email address from the agency's set up page here.

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