How do I work with agencies in Lever?

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Lever’s Agency Portal makes it easy for your team to work with external recruiting partners. With Lever’s Agency Portal, your team will be able to:

  • Manage relationships with agencies directly through Lever
  • Control how agencies can submit candidates through custom agency job site(s)
  • Review agency submitted candidates that flow directly to your Lever pipeline
  • Include agencies in candidate email correspondences with ease
  • Send automated daily status emails to keep agencies updated on their candidates

Please note: If your company previously added agencies in the “blacklist” section in Lever - we’ve migrated the valid blacklisted domains for you! We recommend reviewing them on the Agencies page under Settings to complete the setup process.

Adding Agencies

The Agencies page will be your company’s primary directory to track all active and inactive agencies, as well as external recruiting partners.

To add a new agency, Super Admins can begin by clicking “Add Agency.”


You'll be asked to provide information about the agency in the “Agency Information” section, which includes fields to collect the agency name, domain (optional), and a default source tag.

Please note: Do not add common/public email domains (,, etc.) as this will prevent emails from those domains being added to new applicant profiles

The default source tag, along with a "Job site" tag, will be automatically added to every candidate profile submitted by this agency through their custom agency job site. You’ll have the option to create a new source tag or select from an existing list of source tags. To learn more about managing your agency source tags or associating existing agency source tags to a new agency, please visit this help article here.

You can also provide additional information about the agency in the “Primary Contact” section, which includes fields to capture the primary contact name, email address, and phone number (optional). The agency’s primary contact is the person designated to be CCed in any email correspondences for submitted candidates and to receive daily status emails from Lever about submitted candidates. Currently, each agency can only have one contact.

Please note: While adding a primary email address when creating agencies is optional, if an agency prefers not to share a candidate's email address upon submission and chooses to use their own email address in the application form instead, it is recommended that a domain and primary email address are added to prevent candidates from threading.


If your team is no longer working with an agency, you can update their agency status by navigating to the ellipsis button and clicking “deactivate agency.” This action will prevent agencies from accessing their agency job site and Lever will stop sending the daily digest emails to the agencies' primary contact.


Assigning Job Postings for an Agency Job Site

Once an agency has been added to Lever, your next step will be to assign the job posting(s) that will appear on their agency job site. With the ability to select from external or unlisted job posting(s), you can control which postings agencies can view and submit candidates for through a custom agency job site URL that will be shared with the agency’s primary contact.

To assign job posting(s), click on the “Choose Job Posting…” picker and select the job posting(s) the agency should have access to submit candidates for.



After the job postings have been assigned, clicking “Next” will bring you to the last step of the setup process. Here, you’ll have the option to send an invitation email to the agency’s primary contact which includes their agency’s job site custom URL. You can check the “Send email invite” box and customize the email template in the text editor box if you'd like! Once the agency’s job site URL has been shared with the agency, they’ll be able to start submitting candidates directly into your pipeline!

You can also unassign job postings on this page by hovering over the job posting and clicking the trash icon that appears.

Please note: No confirmation email from Lever will be sent to the candidate or agency upon submission.

To learn more about how to share candidates’ statuses with your agency partners, please visit this help article here.


The agency job site will only show job postings that you’ve specifically assigned to them. Similar to your Lever hosted job site, any changes made to the job posting(s) from Lever - such as edits to the job description, custom application questions, or job posting status - will be reflected on the agency job site in real time.


Tip: Agency partners can use the "Additional Information" text box on the bottom of the application form to provide more background on the candidate, but avoid sharing sensitive information here! This field cannot be marked as secret in Lever.

To collect sensitive information, add custom application questions (which can be marked as secret within Lever) to assigned job postings for agency partners to complete.

To learn more about how to manage agency candidates after they’ve been submitted to your pipeline, please visit this help article here.


Confidential Job Postings and Agencies  

If your team is working with an Agency to hire for a Confidential job posting, there will be a few important key differences when setting up this Agency in Lever. 

Agency visibility:

Users will only be able to assign to an agency those confidential postings that they have access to. If a user does not have access, the confidential job posting won't appear in the dropdown.  Agencies that have been assigned a confidential posting have a "confidential" icon on the Agency list, and subsequently only those users with access to the assigned confidential posting will see this agency in the Agency list within Lever.

Assigning confidential job postings to an Agency: 

To ensure that confidentiality is not compromised, there are a few setup restrictions when assigning confidential job postings to an agency.

If an Agency has a non-confidential posting assigned to it, a confidential posting may not be added. If a user tries to assign a confidential posting from the posting picker, the confidential posting is disabled until the non-confidential posting has been unassigned. 

An agency may only have a single confidential posting assigned to it at a time. Once a confidential posting has been added, the "+ assign another job" button is disabled to ensure that this agency remains visible only to those with access to the assigned confidential posting. If the confidential posting is later removed from the agency settings, then "+ assign another job" button will be re-enabled and visibility restored to those without access.

Note: Those who have the distinct submission link for an agency will be able to see which postings that agency has been assigned, regardless of whether those postings are confidential or otherwise. Therefore, please use discretion when sharing these URLs.


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