What options does my company have for email sync?

Available for User roles Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

For customers using either G Suite or Office 365 to send emails through Lever, Super Admins will be able to select from two different levels of email sync. These two options differ in two key aspects:

  1. The level of permissions your users grant to Lever when they opt into our email integration
  2. The administrative overhead required to have conversations with candidates sync back to Lever


Regardless of which option you choose, any emails that are synced and stored are encrypted at rest with access strictly controlled under our SOC 2 Type 2 certification guidelines.

Please note: Customers using on-premise Exchange email servers will use our Exchange integration and will not see the limited sync option.

What is full sync?

Generally, we recommend Lever's full sync option because it requires no additional setup. Under this configuration, when a user opts to integrate Lever with their email, Lever simply asks for all of the permissions necessary to both send emails and automatically sync any follow-up messages in that thread.

By granting Lever permission to send and read emails, you can send emails from your Google or Office 365 work account via Lever, and you'll see candidate responses both on the candidate profile in Lever and in your email inbox. You can then reply back via Lever or your inbox, and either way, the thread will be continued in both places.

In terms of reading and syncing email, Lever has a "default-deny" policy, meaning that Lever simply checks the headers of emails to see whether the email thread started in Lever—indicating its relevance to Lever and your hiring efforts—and syncs only these relevant "messages of interest." None of your emails outside of the messages of interest will be synced, stored, or accessible by Lever.

Please note: One exception is when a user clicks on the "Sync emails" button on a candidate's profile, which will manually sync all correspondence between the candidate and the user syncing, regardless of where the thread started.

You can learn more about our full sync option here.

What is limited sync?

Limited sync is a great option for companies with strict security policies that restrict third-party apps from having any sort of read access to email. Under this option, users that opt into our email integration will only grant Lever permission to send emails via their Google or Office 365 work account. If no further action is taken, candidate responses will not sync back to Lever.

If you'd still like Lever to be the single source of truth for communications with each candidate, request that an admin of your Google Apps or Office 365 instance set up a one-time configuration of email routing rules. These rules will auto-forward responses to emails sent from Lever, so that the responses appear on the candidate profile. This will ensure that your candidate profiles still show a full and clear timeline of all hiring-related correspondence started in Lever.

Please note: If your company selects the limited email sync option, the manual "Sync emails" button will not work as Lever will not have permission to read any users’ mailbox.

You can learn even more about our limited sync option and find links to email routing instructions here.

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