How does Lever’s limited email sync work?

Available for User roles Super Admins (for configuration); Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members (for email send and sync)
Plan Select Lever packages using G Suite or Office 365 to send emails through Lever

How do I enable limited email sync for my company?

If you're a Super Admin at a company using G Suite or Office 365 to send emails through Lever, head to the Company settings page. From there, you can select between our traditional full sync and limited sync options by ticking the appropriate button. Learn more about the difference between the two options here.


Upon selecting the limited sync option, you'll be asked to confirm that you have configured auto-forwarding rules in your email service’s admin center. A one-time configuration of these rules by your Google or Office 365 admin will allow your company to still enjoy the benefits of email sync.

To learn more about how to set up auto-forwarding rules, please reference the following help articles below for detailed instructions:

Please note: If you neglect to configure auto-forwarding rules but proceed to enable limited sync, Lever will not be able to sync any responses to the emails you send from Lever.

What email permissions can users grant Lever under the limited email sync option?

If your company's account has been configured for limited sync, users that opt into our email integration can only grant Lever the permission to send emails via their Google or Office 365 work account.

Users will not be able to grant Lever permission to read their mailboxes. This makes limited sync a great option for companies with strict security policies restricting third-party apps from having any sort of read access to email.

How can I ensure that Lever houses and displays candidate correspondence, even when we use limited sync?

Request that an admin of your Google Apps or Office 365 instance set up the appropriate email routing rules. The routing configuration will auto-forward responses to emails sent from Lever back to Lever. This will ensure that your candidate profiles still show a full and clear timeline of all hiring-related correspondence started in Lever.

Click here for your Google Admin instructions or here for your Exchange Admin instructions.

What is synced?

Assuming that your email server admin has set up the appropriate email routing rules, all responses to emails sent via Lever should be auto-forwarded to us and then synced to the appropriate candidate profile. This includes candidate replies and even situations where you reply to a thread that started in Lever from your actual mailbox.

Please note: If your company selects the limited email sync option, the manual "Sync emails" button will not work as Lever will not have permission to read any users’ mailbox.

Can I sync emails other members of my team have received?

You can't choose to sync email on behalf of your teammates, but if the auto-forwarding rules are set up for your company’s email server, then any response to any email originating in Lever will sync.

How do I enable limited email sync for my personal work email account?

Once a Super Admin has set your Lever instance’s account up for limited sync, individual users still need to give Lever permission to send emails from your Gmail or Office 365 account. Just tick the "Email" permissions box on the settings page, save changes, and go through the authentication flow.


Making emails secret

Just like notes and feedback forms, you can make emails secret (check out this article about secret notes). The "secret" label is applied to the entire thread. It’s not possible to make individual emails inside a thread secret.


Deleting emails

Lever will never delete any emails from your email account. Clicking “remove from Lever” will remove the email from Lever, but keep the original intact in your email. You’ll also be prompted to confirm before we remove an email from Lever.


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