How does Lever handle candidates with multiple active jobs?

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Please note: In the coming months, we will be migrating all existing customers to our updated user interface and data model. Because of this, you may be viewing a help article that is not applicable to the version of Lever you are using! If your team began using Lever after July 15th, 2019, if you manage "opportunities" in Lever, or if the screenshots below do not match what you see in your account, please visit this article for information that is most applicable to you.

In Lever, a candidate can be in one stage at a time, even if you're considering them for more than one job. When you change a candidate's stage, that new stage history will be applied to every job you're still actively considering that candidate for.

Keeping this in mind, if you have a candidate with multiple jobs and you've decided which job(s) you are truly considering them for, you should archive all of the other job postings on the candidate before moving them forward—this will ensure that your data doesn't reflect a candidate moving forward for every single job.

In order to help you protect the integrity of your company's data, whenever you move a candidate with more than one active job into a stage in your Interview pipeline, we'll give you the opportunity to select the job or jobs you want to continue considering them for, so that you can easily archive all of the other jobs.


After selecting the job(s) you still want to move the candidate forward for, you can then either quickly archive all of the remaining jobs for the same archive reason, or you can choose to select different reasons for each job!



This prompt does not prevent you from considering a candidate for more than one job at once—if you'd like, feel free to continue advancing a candidate for all of their jobs. This is just a small nudge to help make sure your team is archiving jobs that might not be relevant for the candidate anymore, particularly if they applied to several!

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