How do I keep track of my followup tasks in Lever?


Lever makes it easy to keep track of each candidate's next steps. Here's how:

Interaction Indicators

On the Candidates page, you may see a blue or grey dot next to a candidate's name. These dots help draw attention to candidates who may be new or in need of attention.


What does each type of indicator mean?

Screen_Shot_2018-06-28_at_11.24.43_AM.png Meaning: You have never opened this candidate profile. Note that this indicator is user-specific: different Lever users will see blue dots next to different candidates.
Screen_Shot_2018-06-28_at_10.47.48_AM.png Meaning: Your team has not interacted with this candidate recently. Note that this indicator is universal: different Lever users will see grey dots next to the same candidates.


By default, the grey interaction indicator appears if a candidate has been in "New Application" for at least 7 days without a recent interaction, or in any other pipeline stage for at least 3 days without a recent interaction. Please reach out to our Support team if your organization would like to customize this setting for another length of time.

For more information about what constitutes your team's Last Interaction, see our article "What is Last Interaction?"

Action Buttons

Action buttons appear in the Interview segment of your pipeline. (If your organization has a subscription to Lever Nurture, you may also see action buttons appear in your Lead pipeline.) These buttons indicate an interview action which is available, in progress or expired:


What does each type of button mean?



Priority: High
Meaning: This candidate needs to be scheduled for an interview.
Follow up: Send an Easy Book link or schedule an interview.


Priority: Low
Meaning: This candidate is scheduled for an upcoming interview.
Follow up: None.


Priority: Medium
Meaning: This candidate has outstanding interview feedback.
Follow up: Nudge your colleagues to submit feedback. Consider turning on interview reminders.


Priority: Low
Meaning: This candidate has been sent an Easy Book link and needs to select an interview date and time.
Follow up: None.


Priority: Medium
Meaning: This candidate's Easy Book link has expired.
Follow up: Send a new Easy Book link or archive this candidate.


Priority: High
Meaning: This candidate's interview has taken place and all interview feedback has been submitted.
Follow up: Move this candidate forward in the hiring process or archive

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