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This Exhibit describing the implementation and onboarding services that Lever will perform for Customer (collectively, the “Implementation Services”) is entered as of the Order Form Effective Date and is governed by and made a part of the Agreement between Customer and Lever. In the event of a conflict between the terms of this Exhibit and the terms of the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement will prevail. All capitalized terms not otherwise defined herein will have the same meaning as in the Agreement.

1. Implementation Services

Lever offers the following Implementation Services packages; Self Guided and Standard (each an “Implementation Package”). The Self Guided Implementation Package is included as a one-time service performed at the start of the initial Service Term with an annual subscription to Platform Services unless an alternative Implementation Package is specified. Lever Standard Implementation Package is offered, for an additional fee, as an alternative to the Lever Self Guided Implementation Package.

The election of the applicable Implementation Package in the Order Form is based on the type of Lever Hire subscription, Lever’s understanding of Customer’s talent strategy, organization structure, system topology, and integration requirements. The timeline for all Implementation Packages assumes a start date with ten (10) business days of the Effective Date of the Order Form. The project duration has been developed assuming a fixed level of participation by Customer and is dependent on the availability of Customer team members for the full duration of the project.

1.1   Scope of Implementation Packages

Each Implementation Package includes a collection of services performed by Lever as Implementation Services to assess requirements, identify configuration activities, support the configuration and setup of Lever Platforms, process legacy ATS data, conduct product training, provide expert product advice, project management and provide launch preparation and support.

The Implementation Services to be performed by Lever for Customer is based on the Implementation Package included in the Order Form. The included services and estimated project duration are described in the respective sections below.

1.1.1      Lever Self Guided Implementation

The Lever Self Guided Implementation is a comprehensive program of content designed to allow Customers to configure the Customer instance of the Lever Services quickly. Lever will provide the Customer with an interactive tool which will direct Customer through the essential activities that Customer will perform including:

  • Configuration activities
  • Data Import of legacy data pre-formatted by Customer in Lever’s standard csv template
  • In-product walkthroughs for platform training

All tasks will be outlined in a task focused project plan and each training will be via online resources. Any questions will be answered via a help ticket or through our Live Chat option. 

1.1.2      Lever Standard Implementation Package

Standard Implementation and Onboarding Services is based on a forty-five (45) day implementation plan. Upon the Effective Date of the Order Form a Lever Implementation Specialist will be assigned to Customer. A remote implementation kick-off call will be scheduled and hosted by the Implementation Specialist within ten (10) business days from the Effective Date of the Order Form. The Lever Implementation Specialist will work with Customer to understand talent acquisition processes in place and will work with Customer team to adapt those workflows to Lever. Additionally, the Lever Implementation specialist will include focused sessions on best practices and reporting to ensure that Customer team is set up for success at every stage of growth. The Lever Implementation Specialist will also consult with Customer team to review career site options with Lever and how to integrate Customer career site with Customer’s Lever Hire account.

The characteristics of a Standard Implementation and Onboarding project include:

  • Access to a task level implementation plan structured for completion in forty-five (45) days.
  • A dedicated Implementation Specialist.
  • An initial kick-off call & 6-10 additional calls for training and best practice consultation.
  • Administration training for core project team and recruiters.
  • Guidance on best practices from the Implementation Specialist.
  • One Tier-1 data migration from Customer’ legacy ATS by Lever Implementation Specialist.
  • Dedicated trainings for in-app integrations, offers, reports and Lever Nurture if included in the  Order Form.

The Lever implementation methodology is organized across five (5) tracks of work: Inception, Configuration, Data Migration and System Integration, Training, and Launch. A description for each track of work along with all contemplated activities and deliverables, by project role, for the Implementation Services described in Lever's Implementation Methodology.

Projected go live date for a Lever Standard Implementation Package is seven (7) to eight (8) weeks from the Effective Date of the Order Form.

Lever will assign and staff available resources best suited to complete the activities and deliverables on the behalf of Customer described in Lever's Implementation Methodology.

2    Project Team and Resource Allocation

The project team for Customer will include resources from both Lever and Customer. Lever expects that Customer resources will participate and perform all assigned tasks included in the project plan over the course of the project supported by a Lever Implementation Specialist, building experience and knowledge of Lever Platforms while participating in the configuration of the system.

2.1   Party Personnel

The parties are responsible for the supervision, direction, control, and compensation of their respective personnel. Lever reserves the right to determine the assignment of its personnel.

3    Fees

Lever will provide the Implementation Services to Customer as set forth herein, on a fixed fee basis. The applicable Implementation Package and fees for Customer are included in the Implementation and Professional Services section of the Order Form.

4    Assumptions

  • If the project start date is delayed by Customer for any reason Customer understands that Lever’s ability to staff the engagement and meet the estimated duration and completion date could be at risk.
  • If Customer cannot make necessary resources available or meet set completion dates for reviews and milestones, Lever reserves the right to revisit and revise the project's estimated costs, completion date and approach to completing the project.
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