How do I enable and use the Codility integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
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Please note: The Codility integration requires set up by the Lever team. If you're interested in using Lever's Codility integration, please reach out to the Lever support team.

As an official Codility partner, Lever allows you to quickly and easily initiate Codility assessments and gauge a candidate’s coding and problem-solving abilities - without ever leaving Lever! All you’ll need to get started is a Lever and Codility account.


1. A Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the Codility integration.

2. Select the toggle to expand the window, and then click the "Send Request to Enable" button.


3. A Lever support representative will automatically be notified of your request and will reach out to request the following information:

  • Trigger Stage:  The stage that automatically triggers sending a Codility test.
  • Pass Percentage Threshold: If a candidate exceeds the Pass Threshold (e.g. 90%), they will be tagged with “codility - pass”.
  • Fail Percentage Threshold: If the candidate scores below the Fail Threshold (e.g. 40%), they will be tagged with “codility - fail”.
  • Codility Access Token: You will need to send this securely.
  • Default Test (Optional): The name of the default Codility test. If configured, Lever will initiate this code test for all candidates who move into the Trigger Stage.
  • Stage on Pass (Optional): The name of the stage the candidate will automatically advance to after meeting or exceeding the Pass Percentage Threshold.
Please note: All candidates whose score falls between the pass and fail threshold will be tagged with “codility - needs review”. For example, if your pass threshhold is 90%, and your fail threshold is 40%, candidates who score 40-89% will receive the "codility - needs review" tag.

Initiating a Codility Test from Lever

Once you’ve completed setup, any candidate who reaches your Trigger Stage will be sent to Codility. Lever only sends the candidate name and email address to Codility. You'll then be able to see the status on the homepage of the Codility dashboard.


Once the candidate has been sent to Codility, they will receive an invitation from Codility via email to begin the Codility test. Once they’ve completed the Codility assessment, the tag in Lever will change to "codility - result". Once Codility sends Lever a result, a Codility-gated link will be added to the links section and a PDF report summary will be added as a file on the candidate profile.

Please note: This integration only supports running one code test per candidate. Additional tests for the same candidate must be triggered through Codility.

If the candidate meets or exceeds the Pass Threshold, the candidate will be tagged with “codility - pass” and will advance to the Stage on Pass (if configured). If the candidate scores below the Fail Threshold, the candidate will be tagged with “codility - fail” and remain in the trigger stage. If the candidate scores somewhere in between the Pass Threshold and the Fail Threshold, a “codility - needs review” tag will be applied to the candidate.


Overriding your Default Test

During setup, you have the option to provide a default test to send to all candidates that reach the trigger stage. However, you can also run different tests for different roles and candidates! In order to override the default test (or select a test if you did not provide a default test), simply add a tag with the name of the test to the candidate's profile before advancing them to the trigger stage.

Tip: You can automatically tag candidates based on which Postings they have applied to! Simply go to the Jobs section in Lever, click on a job, and add the Codility test name as a tag. To learn more about tags click here!

Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help with your Codility integration!  


Setting an Email Template

You may specify a Codility email template to be used during the invitation process by adding a tag to the candidate profile using the following format: “Codility Email Template - ” <Codility template name>.  The following information will be set via the email template: 

  • Email Subject
  • Email Body
  • Reply to address

Please refer to the Codility support page for the creation of email templates. 


Managing Errors

During the creation of a Codility assessment order, if any of the following errors are encountered,  an error message will appear on the candidate's profile as a note.  These errors must be resolved in Codility before attempting to create another order.  

  • Insufficient Codility Invites
  • Insufficient Privileges
  • Assessment/Test is frozen


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