How do I know which candidates to anonymize in Lever?

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Please note: The following features will be rolled out gradually before May 25th to all accounts.

Please note: Lever does not give legal advice. If you’re looking for more information about whether your organization should be collecting data requests, please seek legal counsel.

Lever makes it easy to identify candidates in your pipeline that require anonymization, and then anonymize their data at a click of a button. This may happen either because their consent has expired, or they’ve reached out requesting you delete their data. Once you've identified the candidates to anonymize, you can anonymize them using the directions here.

Data Requests report

Your dashboard for “Data Requests” is this report designed to make sure all anonymization (and other) requests are addressed & resolved. If you filter by ‘Type’: Erasure, and ‘Status’: Open, you’ll be able to view all unresolved anonymization requests:


From here, you can click on the candidate name to be brought to their profile, and you can anonymize from there.

Candidates who submitted requests for erasure will also appear as needing anonymization when filtering the candidate dashboard by ‘To be Anonymize’.

Anonymization Filters

In addition to being able to filter your candidates by their GDPR status, there’s also a filter for “To Be Anonymized”:


Candidates who are expiring OR have requested anonymization will appear under this filter. If a candidates submits a request for deletion, they will be counted as needing to be anonymized ‘Today’.

Once you’ve identified the candidates in your archive that need to be anonymized, you can either individually click into each of them to anonymize, or you can select them all and choose the option to ‘Anonymize’ candidates: 


Please note: You can only anonymize archived candidates

Candidate Profile

When a candidate submits a rights request to delete their data, or their consent has expired, we’ll add a banner to the candidate profile letting any visitors to the profile know the current status and suggesting anonymization:


Clicking on the “Anonymize” button or selecting the option from the ellipses dropdown will allow you to anonymize the profile


Lever will send email and in-app notifications to the appropriate users for:

  • When a candidates submits a new request to delete their data
  • When there are candidates where consent is expiring within 30 days
  • When there are candidates that already need to be expired

These notifications will be batched to make sure you can respond to all requests without an overwhelmed inbox.

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