What happens to candidate data when anonymized?

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Please note: Lever does not give legal advice. If you’re looking for more information about whether your organization should be collecting data requests, please seek legal counsel.

To be GDPR compliant, you may need a way to remove personal identifiable information once a candidates’ consent has expired, or they’ve reached out requesting you delete their data. Anonymization in Lever (coupled with the ability to track data requests) allows you to retain data for reporting & calibration purposes by removing personal information from our data. Where possible, we preserve the recruiting actions taken, but anonymize content to minimize any impact on reporting.

Candidate Data

When a candidate is anonymized in Lever, the following will be deleted entirely from the profile:

  • Candidate name
  • The contents (to/from/body/subject) of any emails or emails threads
  • Phone Number
  • Location
  • Work History
  • Resumes, CVs, and other files
  • Websites & Social links
  • Any email drafts of upcoming interviews
  • Notifications

Lever deletes the email address from the data, but stores it in a secure unreadable format (that you as the customer will not have access to) that we use to help identify an anonymized candidate if they apply again.

We retain the following fields about the candidates:

  • Job posting
  • Origin, source, tags
  • Notes & comments
  • Custom question responses
  • Internal forms
  • Interview feedback
  • Offers
  • General timeline events

These are not visible within Lever, but may be obtained through Lever’s Data API. Once anonymized, the candidate data will still be used for reporting, but with all personal identifiable information removed. You can read this article for more information about how candidates appear in Lever after anonymization.

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