How do I enable and use the HireRight integration?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages


The HireRight integration requires set up by both the HireRight and Lever teams. If you’re interested in using Lever’s integration with HireRight, please reach out to your HireRight account manager in addition to reaching out to Lever Customer Support.

As an official HireRight partner, Lever makes it easy for you to order any of HireRight’s 200+ global background and drug testing services and receive results in real-time. Streamline the background check process by kicking off HireRight background check packages - without ever leaving Lever! The HireRight background check form is pre-populated with candidate information from Lever Hire reducing redundant data entry and driving administrative efficiency while improving the recruiter and candidate experience.


1. Contact HireRight: Setting up the HireRight integration involves a HireRight technical consultant to make sure your HireRight account is configured correctly for the integration. In order to do this, you’ll need to reach out to your HireRight account manager and request the Lever-HireRight integration. After a HireRight technical consultant has been staffed, they will provide you with your HireRight company ID, a user permissions list, and a list of HireRight packages.

2. Setting up Lever: A Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the HireRight integration.

3. Select the toggle to expand the window, and then click the "Send Request to Enable" button.


4. A Lever support representative will automatically be notified of your request and will reach out to request the following information:

  • HireRight Company Id: Lever will need the Id of your HireRight parent account. If you have child accounts, we’ll be able to trigger packages from those too!
  • HireRight User Permissions List: A list of HireRight user emails. These are users who have permission to order the HireRight background check package from Lever. These users must also be Lever users. The background check can only be triggered by users on this list. If a Lever user is not on the permissions list and attempts to order a HireRight package for a candidate, the HireRight order will not be created.
  • Trigger Stage: The stage that automatically triggers the HireRight background check package. If you've provided Lever with a default HireRight package, Lever will automatically run that package when a user on the HireRight user permissions list advances a candidate to the trigger stage. If you have not selected a default package, we will look for a tag that matches the name of one of your HireRight packages.
  • Default Package (Optional): The package that you want to run automatically when a candidate is advanced to the trigger stage by a user on the permissions list. If a HireRight package name is specified in a tag on the candidate profile, we will run that specific package instead of the default package.
  • Completion Stage (Optional): The stage that you want the candidate to automatically advance to when the HireRight order is complete.
  • Authorization: Lever requires permission from a Super Admin on the account to add the appropriate API key and webhook settings in your Lever account - do not delete these, or the integration will stop working!


You can automatically tag candidates based on which Postings they have applied to! Simply go to the Jobs section in Lever, click on a job, and add the HireRight package name as a tag.

Creating a HireRight Order from Lever

Tip: You can ensure the background check requestor is set up correctly in HireRight using the HireRight User Management job aid pdf attachment found at the bottom of this article. If the requestor is not found or is set up incorrectly in HireRight, an error message will appear on the candidate's profile as a note.


Once you’ve completed setup, any candidate that is advanced to your trigger stage by a user on the user permissions list will be sent to HireRight. Lever will send candidate details including name, email address, and phone number, job location, and education and employment history from parsed resume data to HireRight. This data will be used to pre-populate a HireRight order for the candidate.

Once sent to HireRight, you'll be able to see the pending HireRight invitations in the Screening Manager section of the HireRight dashboard:


The candidate will then receive an e-mail invitation from HireRight to begin the background check process. Once the invitation has been sent, Lever will add the tag "HR - Sent to Applicant" to the candidate profile. The candidate then fills out the HireRight background check form. Basic candidate data, parsed resume information, and job location are pre-filled on the form. Once the candidate finishes filling out the form, the tag “HR - Pending Applicant” is added to the candidate profile. There will only be one HireRight tag on a candidate's profile at any given time.


 Once the candidate submits the background check form, the HireRight status will change to “HR - In Process”. After HireRight completes the background check, the tag in Lever will change to "HR - Completed". When the report becomes available, the integration will add a HireRight link to the links section of the candidate profile. Only authenticated HireRight users will be able to access it.


Overriding your Default Package

During setup, you have the option to provide a default package to send to all candidates that reach the trigger stage. However, you can also run different packages for different roles and candidates! In order to override the default package (or select a package if you did not provide a default package), simply add a tag with the name of the package to the candidate's profile before advancing them to the trigger stage! 

You can also automatically tag candidates on Posting-by-Posting basis. To learn more about tags click here

Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help with your HireRight integration!  

Revoking Access

Once set up, you can disable this integration at any time by opening the integration's menu and clicking the "Revoke" option beside the key listed at the bottom.


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