How do I see a candidate’s consent status on the candidate profile?

Please note: Before you can see consent status on a candidate profile, you'll need to complete GDPR set up. See: How do I configure Lever for GDPR compliance?

Our goal is to ensure that consent information is visible to team members when they’re interacting with candidates, so they can avoid non-compliant actions, like reaching out to a candidate who did not give consent to be contacted.

To do this, we’ve surfaced the candidate’s consent information directly on the candidate profile in the right sidebar:


 You’ll be able to see quickly whether the candidate is covered by the GDPR, whether you have consent to contact them for future opportunities, and if their consent is about to expire - all informed by your configuration in Company Settings.

If a recruiter gains additional insight as to where the candidate submitted information from and wants to change whether the GDPR protects that specific candidate, a recruiter can do so by clicking on the consent status:


If you need to merge two candidates, Lever will use the most recent consent on either profile as the value for the new primary profile. If the most recent consent response was to not provide consent for future opportunities, and you merge it with a slightly older profile where the consent was granted, the new profile will be marked as having not provided consent.

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