Enabling and using the GoodTime integration

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Lever’s integration with GoodTime will help you and your team work quickly and seamlessly across both platforms by ensuring that interviews created in GoodTime are reflected in Lever:

  • When creating an interview in GoodTime, you’ll be able to associate Lever feedback forms to each event. Links to these feedback forms will be added to calendar invites for your interviews.
  • Interviews created in GoodTime will automatically be pushed to Lever. Any changes you make to these interviews in GoodTime (such as editing or deleting) will also be reflected in Lever. 

Enabling the integration 


Access role must be Super Admin in Lever to set up the integration.

1. In Lever, navigate to Settings > Integrations. From the Partner Integrations tab, scroll down to the Scheduling section and click the toggle for GoodTime.

Lever settings page showing scheduling section and goodtime toggle

The toggle icon will turn orange, and the row will expand:

Lever settings page showing scheduling section and goodtime toggle with permissions list

2. Click Generate New Key to generate an API key. Copy the key, save it somewhere, and keep it secure.  You will not have access to it again once you click Done!

3. Next, log into your GoodTime account and go to the Company Settings page.  Scroll down to the ATS Integrations section, select Lever as the ATS Type, and enter the API Key that you generated in Lever. Remember to click Save.

Goodtime company settings showing ats integration section

Using the integration

Please note: You will only be able to create interviews in GoodTime for individuals who have Lever user accounts. Before you get started, double-check that all of your interviewers in GoodTime have user accounts in Lever. Learn more how to create new users in our help article on adding and managing users

Once a Super Admin has enabled the integration for your account, users will be able to start scheduling interviews for candidates in Lever. Users can initiate this workflow in a few different ways:

Option 1: From the candidate dashboard, clicking on the Schedule button will open a new tab that directs you to the candidate in GoodTime.

Lever candidate list showing shedule in goodtime option over schedule button

Option 2: From a candidate's profile, the blue Schedule Interview banner will be replaced with a 'Schedule Interview in GoodTime' banner.  Clicking it will open a new tab that directs you to the candidate in GoodTime.

Candidate profile with schedule interview in goodtime confirmation button

Option 3: From a candidate's profile, even if there is no banner displayed, you can always go to the ellipsis menu and select Schedule in GoodTime to open a new tab that directs you to the candidate in GoodTime.

Candidate profile with dropdown menu and schedule in goodtime option selected

Once you create an interview for the candidate in GoodTime, you’ll see the interview panel appear on the candidate’s profile in Lever.

Candidate profile with upcoming interview message

If you click the View in External App button, it will take you to the interview in GoodTime, where you can reschedule or delete the interview.  

If you try to cancel the interview in Lever, it will be removed from the candidate’s profile.  However, the actual interview event will still exist on your calendar. If you wish to completely delete the interview, you’ll need to do this from GoodTime.

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