How do I change my company’s email domain?

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Lever customers change their email domains for a variety of reasons. Some common reasons include:

  1. Top-level domain change where your domain is moving from a .co moving to a .com
  2. "Doing business as" or stealth mode change to publicly available name
  3. An acquisition or change of name

To change your domain, you’ll first need to reach out to Lever Customer Support with answers to the following questions:

  1. Does your company explicitly own this domain? At this time, Lever support can only add domains that your company owns. To learn more about how you can work with agencies in Lever, we recommend taking a look at the resource here.
  2. Is the new email domain a fully accessible account that you can log into? (We do not support logging into Lever with email aliases at this time).
  3. Is the format of your new email address the same?
  4. Is there a specific day/time when you would like the domain transition to take place? (We’ll make the change at the date and time of your choosing so that you can plan around the switch).
  5. Please provide the best billing contact’s updated email address.

Once you’ve sent the information to our Support team, we’ll coordinate a time with you to "flip the switch" and make the change. Once the change has been made, each Lever user will need to re-authenticate by following these steps:


  1. Go to
  2. Uncheck all three Permissions boxes (Contacts, Calendar, Email)
  3. Click "Save Changes"
  4. Re-check all three Permissions boxes
  5. Click "Save Changes"
  6. Log back in!

It’s important that all three boxes are unchecked, then saved, then all three re-checked for the above reset to work!


1. Will there be any loss of data as a result of this transition? No, the update does not affect the availability of data in the system. There is no change to the user experience, except that they need to log in using your new domain.

2. What about scheduling and interview panels? There is a gap in calendar visibility between when the domain switch is made and when a user re-authenticates. Our recommendation is to communicate the switch ahead of time and instruct users to log in as quickly thereafter as possible.

Please note: Users are unable to reschedule interviews scheduled to a calendar under the old domain.

3. What about Easy Book links that reference the old domain's calendar? You’ll want to head over to the Settings page and make sure that the Easy Book link templates are pointing to the new calendar.


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