How do I push candidates to Checkr for background checks?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members, Limited Team Members, Interviewers
Plans Professional, Enterprise


The Checkr integration needs to be set up by the Lever team. If you’re interested in using Lever’s integration with Checkr, please reach out to Lever Customer Support.


1. A Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the Checkr integration.

2. Select the toggle to expand the window, and then click the "Send Request to Enable" button.


3. A Lever support representative will automatically be notified of your request and will reach out to request the following information:

  • Your Live Secret (API key) from your Checkr production instance, which will need to be sent securely. (only admins in Checkr have the capability of creating an API token)
  • The name of the default package
  • The name of the stage to trigger the initial background check (e.g. Background Check)
  • (Optional) The name of the stage to advance the candidate to after a successful check
  • Authorization to add the appropriate API key and webhook settings in your Lever account - do not delete these, or the integration will stop working!

Please note: As you generate the Checkr secret token, make sure you're on the "Live" Checkr instance (as shown in the screenshot below), for the background checks are routed to your Live/ production Checkr instance appropritely.


Sending a candidate to Checkr

Once you’ve completed setup, any candidate who reaches your "trigger" stage will be sent to Checkr. Lever only sends the candidate name and email address to Checkr.

Once sent to Checkr, you'll be able to see the pending invite link on the homepage of the Checkr dashboard:


Once the candidate has been sent to Checkr, they will receive an invitation from Checkr via e-mail to begin the background check process. Once the invitation has been sent, Lever will add "Invitation Pending" tag to the candidate. Once they’ve completed the background check, the tag will change to "Invitation Completed". If there are no records, it will be changed to "Report Clear". If there is some sort of adverse action to evaluate (criminal records, traffic infractions, sex offender status, etc.), it will be changed to "Report Consider".

If the check returns "Report Clear", a gated link to the completed results will be added to the candidate profile in the links section - only authenticated Checkr users will be able to access it.

Specifying your Desired Package

During setup, we’ll ask for a default package to send to all users. We do, however, understand that for a variety of reasons you might have different background checks for different roles or candidates.

Say you wanted your "Account Executive" position to trigger a special AE-specific package, but your default is something else. In Checkr, there will be a predefined "slug" for each package that will override the default. A candidate who reaches the "trigger" background stage with one of these unique tags will be sent the override package instead of the default.

The slug is typically the name of the package, but in all lowercase and with underscores instead of spaces. Additionally, we require adding the prefix "bc_" in order to differentiate tags that are associated with the Checkr integration ("bc_" stands for Background Checkr). For example, if you wanted to override the default package and use the package "New Hire", you would tag the candidate with "bc_new_hire" as shown below:


Check the slugs in your Checkr account to make sure you're properly tagging candidates!


Add posting specific tags to candidate profiles by adding a tag to the posting. If you add a tag to your posting, all candidates that apply to the posting will receive that tag. More information on configuring tags here.
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