How do I set up Lever’s new Apply with LinkedIn integration?

Please note: The previous/current version of Apply with LinkedIn will be supported through the end of 2018. You can continue to use the old version, even with the new feature available in your account, or revert to it at any time. The new version of Apply with LinkedIn requires a LinkedIn Recruiter contract (any edition), or a company account with active job slots.

Lever’s integration with Apply with LinkedIn allows candidate to fill out your job applications using their LinkedIn profile data with just a click of a button. Candidates won’t need to sign in to LinkedIn for each application, and you’ll receive a link to their LinkedIn profile within Lever.

Adding Apply With LinkedIn (AWLI) to your job postings is done through two steps (in any order): 1) Adding AWLI to your application form, and 2) linking your LinkedIn contract to enable the new version.

1. Add AWLI to your application form at Settings > Job Site > Application form

First, you’ll want to make sure you’ve added AWLI to your application form. Under ‘Personal Information’, simply click the link for ‘+ Apply with LinkedIn.

This will automatically add the old ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button experience to your job postings as the first question. It is not possible to make this question required. If you do not have the new AWLI experience available in your account, it will be the second question.

Now that you’ve added the AWLI button to your application forms, we need to link your LinkedIn contract to enable the new experience for your candidates.

2. Link your LinkedIn contract at Settings > Integrations > Partner integrations

At the top of the page, you’ll see a row and toggle for ‘LinkedIn - Apply with LinkedIn’. Click the toggle to open the row, and click ‘Begin Setup’ to get started:

Next, you’ll be brought to select which LinkedIn contract to link with Lever. If, like most companies, you only have one contract, it will be automatically selected. Otherwise, simply click ‘Continue’ next to the appropriate contract to select it.

Then, click ‘Request’ in the Apply with LinkedIn row:

Please note: You do not need to setup RSC to utilize Apply with LinkedIn, though you do need a Recruiter contract or active job slots.

You’ll then be brought to a success message - simply click ‘Go Back’ to resume setup:

Now, click ‘Notify Partner’. For some customer this step will automatically get skipped.

You’ll then be brought back to the same success message - click ‘Go back’ again to resume setup. The next step is to start the historical sync. Simply click ‘Begin sync’:

Depending on the number of postings in your account, the sync can take up to 15 minutes. Once completed, you’ll see the following under the toggle:

And you’re all set! Candidates applying to your postings will see the following as the first option:

Candidates who click the button who are already authenticated into LinkedIn will see the following fields pulled from their LinkedIn profile - if available: Name, Job History, Phone Number, Email, Location, LinkedIn Profile URL.


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