How does Lever help me manage failed emails?

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Whether it's a scheduling request, part of a Nurture campaign, or your first outreach, you want confidence that your message has reached the candidate. Lever gathers your undelivered emails in one Email Errors Outbox so you can quickly see which emails have errors, understand the reasoning, and retry sending them.

Where can I find my undelivered emails?

Your undelivered emails can be found in your Email Errors Outbox, where emails will appear as soon as they encounter an error. There will still be a copy of the email on the relevant candidate profile.

To access the Outbox (either because you saw an issue when sending the email, or you want to confirm there were no errors in a recent bulk email), simply click on the yellow ‘warning’ icon in the top black navigation bar:


As you hover over the ‘warning’ icon, you’ll see the number of undelivered emails currently awaiting review.

Please note: If no icon is present, either there are no undelivered emails associated with your user, or you’ve ‘Deleted’ all of them from the Outbox. 

What information is available on the dashboard?

Once you navigate to your Outbox, you’ll be brought to the Email Errors Outbox, with columns for:

- Candidate - The full candidate name
- Email - The subject line of the undelivered email
- Jobs - A list of all jobs the candidate has applications for
- Stage - The current candidate stage
- Error - A summary of the reason the email did not send and a timestamp for when delivery was last attempted


Clicking on the candidate name will open the candidate profile if you’d like to see the full context. On hover, you can click the `Preview email` button to view a snippet of the email alongside the email address the email was originally intended for.

If the email was part of a Nurture campaign, you’ll see an envelope icon next to the email subject line and ‘Touchpoint X of Y’ underneath the subject line. Resending a Nurture touchpoint will not push back subsequent touchpoints - they will still send at the originally scheduled time.

If the undelivered email was sent using ‘Send for’, you’ll see a note under the subject letting you know who it was intended to ‘Send for’. Retrying the email will retry sending from the ‘Send for’ user.

In the errors column, you’ll see an accurate description of the issue that caused the email to not send. A number of errors (such as ‘No valid email recipient’ or because the attachments are too big) will require making edits to the email before retrying, which is not currently possible in Lever. Instead, you’ll want to recreate the email from scratch.

If the issue was due to authentication or another temporary error, you’ll want to confirm the underlying issue is resolved, then click ‘Retry’. If the email doesn't send again for a different reason, it will move to the top of the Outbox, and the updated error message will appear.

In the case that you want to delete the email to retry with a new recipient or different attachments, you can delete the email from the Email Errors Outbox by hovering your mouse over the candidate row, and clicking ‘Delete’ just to the left of the ‘Retry’ button. You’ll be asked to confirm the change, then the email will disappear from the Outbox, and will be removed from the candidate profile as well.

Clicking ‘Retry All #’ will immediately retry sending all of your undelivered emails.

What information is not shown on the dashboard?

Firstly, emails that are sent and not synced are not shown on this page. Emails in this state are still successfully sent to the candidate.

Please note that the Outbox will not display bounced emails or emails that have been rejected by the candidate's email server regardless of email configuration.

Additionally, because of configuration, you will see a limited set of errors for the following configurations:

  1. Lever Mail
  3. A configuration where Lever sends emails on your behalf, without authenticating into your email account.

My error doesn’t make any sense - what can I do?

If you see an email with an error message in your Outbox that doesn’t clearly indicate the steps to resolve the problem, or there is no error message, please let Lever Support know here. If possible, include the candidate name, as well as a screenshot added as an attachment. This can occur in the rare case that our system has never seen that specific error before!

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