Bug Fixes 2024


This article provides a timeline and descriptions of bug fixes released in 2023. Scroll within the tables to view the full lists of resolved bugs. Use a keyword search (⌘ + F  on a Mac or Ctrl + F on a Windows computer) to locate a specific bug fix in the lists.

General bug fixes

Date Fix Description
January 3 Resolved an issue with Candidate Texting which temporarily prevented starting new texting conversations and prevented updating existing candidates' phone numbers.
January 3 Fixed an issue by removing erroneous link for users who do not have access to create job postings
January 4 Fixed an issue in which Visual Insights number of interviews per stage on interview stage conversion 
January 4 Fixed an issue in which Visual Insights Interviewing and Screening are swapped on the "Average time to schedule over time" graph. Labels are now updated to reference the correct metrics.
January 11 Resolved an issue with LinkedIn RSC in which a customer was unable to successfully complete the initial sync with LinkedIn Recruiter System Connect. This issue was resolved by re-attempting the initial sync process. 
January 11 Resolved an issue in which some users with the Admin role did not have access to the Feedback dashboard.
January 11 The Campaign summary tile on the Nurture dashboard had not yet been updated with the latest fixes for global filtering for derived tables. The table has been re-written and deployed.
January 16 Resolved an issue with the HackerRank Tests integration that prevented HackerRank test results from appearing in Lever for customers hosted in Lever's EU data centre.
January 19 Resolved an issue with the Zoom integration in which interviews were incorrectly getting a new/modified Zoom link created in some re-scheduling scenarios such as when only a meeting duration changed and no calendar conflict was present.
January 23 Fixed an issue where sending EEO surveys on behalf of archived opportunities could have unexpected results.
January 29 Resolved an issue in which some archived opportunities appeared on the Recruiter Operation dashboard. A re-ingestion of the data was completed and the archive dates were updated.
January 30 Resolved an issue in which Admin users are not able to add users to access specific postings.
January 30

Fixes issues for candidate profile history sometimes not showing which user performed the action.

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