Winter 2024 Release


Our Winter 2024 product release is scheduled to roll out progressively to Lever accounts in February 2024. Below you will find the recording of our Winter Release webinar which took place on January 25 2024 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET, along with descriptions and help center articles for each feature included in the release.

Lever Your Way

User Workspace (Lever TRM)

Lever’s new User Workspace (MVP) is a convenient homepage and actionable jumping-off point. Your team experiences a centralized view of their tasks, reminders and other relevant information as soon as they log into Lever, allowing them to quickly start with the items that require their attention. Refer to our User Workspace help article.

Candidate Texting - Texting Templates (Candidate Texting add-on)

Achieve quick, consistent, and error-free communication with the use of Candidate Texting Templates! Streamline repetitive messages for your team while maintaining the personalization expected by your candidates. Learn more in our help article on candidate texting.

Connected Experience

LinkedIn: Recommended Match & Unified Search (LeverTRM)

Accelerate and simplify your talent search by using more of your team’s LinkedIn Recruiter tools directly in Lever. Comprehensive searches and job-specific recommendations unlock additional value for Lever customers using LinkedIn Recruiter to source candidates to their talent network. Learn more in our help article on searching the database for candidates.

Optimized Experience

Easy Book Enhancements (LeverTRM)

Solve timezone confusion for self-scheduled interviews with the candidate's timezone displayed. And, send precise notifications to recruiters and candidates when interviews are scheduled. Refer to our help article on creating and using Easy Book links.

Streamlined Custom Application Questions (LeverTRM)

Easily manage and organize Custom Application Questions with Lever’s new CAQ page. Create and update CAQs from their independent workflow with additional options, including the ability to filter and bulk delete. Better control your Custom Application Questions and choose separate questions for your job’s internal and external distributions. Learn more in our help article on configuring your Lever application form.

Separate confirmation emails for internal and external applicants (Lever TRM)

Customize the confirmation messages delivered to internal and external candidates to accurately reflect expectations, next steps, and other distinct details for these different source origins. Refer to our help article on configuring your Lever-hosted job site.

Talent Discovery

Structured Contact Location (Lever TRM)

Various formats of candidate location (e.g., New York vs. NY) are now transformed into a single, uniform structure for improved filtering and search. Learn more in our help article on searching the database for candidates.

Intelligent Insights

Data Explorer Datasets: Forms, Surveys, and Postings (LeverTRM for Enterprise and/or Advanced Analytics add-on)

Develop custom reports with Data Explorer. The new Postings data set enables fully customizable reports and visualizations. The Opportunities data set is enhanced to include information on forms and surveys, allowing you to create custom reports based on the custom fields in your forms and surveys.

Data Explorer Exports: Postings (LeverTRM for Enterprise and/or Advanced Analytics add-on)

Fully customize your exports with Data Explorer Export Templates. The new Postings Export Template provides the perfect starting point for creating the reports with the columns and filters your team needs. Learn more in our help article on Data Explorer Folders.

Partner Ecosystem Tools

New and Updated Integrations

Take advantage of Lever's growing integration ecosystem with these new integrated hiring tools. 

Click the following integration titles to be directed to the help article for that integration:

AcquireROI, Algobash, Ample, Arc, ArtStation, Boilerplate, CloudEagle, CodeScreen, DataLakeHouse, Glean, Huntly, Joveo, Justworks, Paraform, Quil,, TeamOhana,, Tempo, Webflow


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