What is a placeholder field?

Available for User roles Super Admins, Admins, Team Members
Packages Select Lever packages

Please note - placeholder fields are currently available to customers with Lever's Nurture product and only supported in Lever Nurture campaigns. For more information, feel free to contact support.

A placeholder field is a manual-text token used in Lever Nurture campaigns. The placeholder is designed to be a free-form attribute, allowing you to set any information into this field when starting a Nurture campaign. This is typically information that cannot already be auto-populated from Lever.


Placeholder fields can be inserted into your Nurture templates. Additionally, they can be added to a Nurture touchpoint when you start a campaign.


Upon inserting a placeholder field, you can set a default value as a fallback in case you choose to not enter a unique value.


You will define a unique value for this field once you reach the Personalize step of the campaign setup.


Placeholder field values can take any length of characters. For example:

  • {{experience}} could be used as a placeholder to write an entire paragraph on someone’s impressive background
  • {{years}} could be used as a placeholder for how long someone was at a company
  • {{current company}} could be used to as a placeholder for someone’s employer 


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