How do I start a Nurture workflow for a single lead?

Please note - this feature is currently available to customers with Lever's Nurture product. For more information, feel free to contact

(Read this article if you are looking to send a Nurture workflow to multiple leads at once.)

Before you start a Nurture workflow, we recommend reviewing the following articles:

When a candidate is under the New Lead stage and contains an email in his/her profile, a “Start workflow” banner will be displayed. Click this banner to begin setting up your Nurture workflow.


You can also start a workflow from Lever’s main candidates page. Select the checkbox next to the candidate’s name, and click the multiple messages icon (1) or the workflow button (2).


Select a workflow template. This will serve as a framework for your scheduled email reach outs.


You will be taken to the first Build step. Here, you will see the selected workflow template that will be applied to your candidate.


You can edit the template in the following ways:

  1. Editing the start step, which defines when your initial touchpoint will be sent. Click into the start step to make these changes.


  1. Editing the content of each touchpoint, including the ability to add/remove auto text tokens and placeholder fields. Click into each touchpoint to change your messages.


  1. Changing the sender of each of your touchpoints (please review this article to learn how to send messages on behalf of other Lever users). Click into an individual touchpoint to change which email account this message will be sent from.


  1. Editing wait steps, which define the timeframe between the last sent touchpoint and the next touchpoint. Click into each individual wait step to change its date and time.


  1. Adding additional touchpoints to your workflow in case you want to extend your workflow with more messages. Adding a touchpoint will also add a corresponding wait step before the new touchpoint.


  1. Editing your finish step and final action, which defines what action is performed on candidates if they are still in the workflow after a specified timeframe.


Once you are happy with how your workflow looks, click “Next Step” to move on to the Personalize step.


The second Personalize step allows you to edit auto-text tokens and fill in placeholder fields that were defined in your workflow template.


The left side of the window will list out all tokens and placeholder fields that need to be entered. The right side of the window will display your touchpoint messages. As you enter the missing information on the left, this content will automatically replace the bracketed fields on the right.

  • Text highlighted black on the right will reference the currently selected token field on the left.
  • Text highlighted yellow on the right will reference token fields that are still missing content on the left.
  • Text highlighted grey on the right will reference token fields that have already been filled in on the left


From the Personalize step, you can also continue to edit your workflow’s touchpoints and email senders. Click the edit icon of a specific touchpoint to change its messaging or who the email will be sent from.


You will not be able to move on to the final step unless all token fields are filled in. Once you have entered this information, click Review.


The third Review step is your opportunity to see your finished workflow and when each touchpoint will be sent to the candidate. You have one final chance to edit any messaging, sender, start step, wait step, and final step from this window.


Upon clicking “Start Workflow,” your touchpoints will be scheduled to send at the times indicated from your workflow. The candidate will automatically move from “New Lead” to “Reached Out” once the first email from the workflow has been sent. The candidate profile will contain a message indicating that this person has been added to a Nurture workflow. Additionally, the email icon on the profile will be highlighted blue.



If the first touchpoint was scheduled to send immediately, it will appear as a completed story on the candidate’s profile. The next touchpoint to send will appear as a scheduled story on the profile.

If a candidate responds to a touchpoint before the workflow ends, the candidate will move to “Responded” and will be removed from the remaining workflow steps. If the candidate does not respond to any touchpoint and completes the finish step, he/she will follow the action indicated in the workflow’s final action step.


Helpful Tips

  • You cannot edit a workflow after it has started started. You will need to stop the workflow and restart from the very beginning.
  • You can start a workflow for candidates in other stages. However, Lever’s intelligent pipeline (automatic stage progression to Reached Out and Responded) will only apply to candidates in New Lead.


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