How can I request Send For permission?

Available for User roles All Users besides Interviewers
Packages Select Lever packages

Send For allows you to send emails on behalf of other members on your team, diversifying your message and making recruiting more collaborative across other stakeholders.

You will first need to request permission from each user who you would like to send emails on his/her behalf. You can make this request from your account settings.


Click “Request Send For,” and select a user to request permission. You can only request Send For permission from non-Interviewer users. Once you have chosen a user, click “Send Request.”


An email will be sent to the selected user asking to approve your Send For request. This user can go into his/her Lever account settings to approve your pending request.


Once approved, you can now start sending emails on this user’s behalf.


Helpful Tips

  • Send For can be used in any Lever email function (individual email, bulk email, bulk archive+email, and Lever Nurture)
  • When an email is sent on behalf of another user, the email will reside in this user’s sent folder. The user who initiated the email will not receive a copy of the sent message.
  • When a candidate responds to an email that utilized Send For, this reply will be delivered to the user’s inbox whose message was sent on his/her behalf. The user who initiated the original email will receive an email notification that the candidate responded.
  • It’s highly recommended to establish a communication plan with whoever you plan to request Send For permission. This will streamline your replies to candidates and set ground rules on who will follow up with candidates after they have responded to emails sent on behalf of another user.
  • Send For is available with Nurture only
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