How do I enable the integration between Lever and HackerRank Jobs?

Available for User roles Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Setup couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to enable the integration in less than a minute:

  • Generate an API key for that integration partner. You'll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with HackerRank Jobs will authorize.

  • Grab the newly generated API key from Lever:

  • Navigate to HackerRank Jobs' secure integrations page. Add the API key to HackerRank Jobs' secure integrations page. Now, you can easily create new candidates within Lever directly from HackerRank Jobs. 

  • Map your job postings between Lever and HackerRank Jobs:

  • One you've found a qualified candidate, push them from HackerRank Jobs directly into Lever:

  • The new Lever profile will be in the “New lead” section of your pipeline. Open up the profile, and you’ll see that the candidate will be automatically tagged with "HackerRank Jobs", and the origin will be set as “Sourced.” 

Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help setup your HackerRank Jobs integration! 

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