How do I enable and use the HackerRank Integration?

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HackerRank allows you to assess and capture meaningful information about a candidate's technical skills. With Lever’s integration with HackerRank for Work, you’ll be able to send out code challenges seamlessly as part of your interview process. Once a candidate has completed an assessment, results will automatically populate onto their candidate profile in Lever so you won’t have to switch between applications.

Please note: In order to use the HackerRank integration, you must have a "Recruitment" license with HackerRank. Development licenses are not supported.



Enabling the integration

To enable this integration, you'll need to be a Super Admin of your Lever account. Navigate to your account's Integrations page in Settings and click the toggle.

After you’ve toggled on the HackerRank integration, you will be prompted to enter an API Key generated through your HackerRank for Work account. Visit your HackerRank API settings to generate an API Key for Lever.

To confirm that you have entered all information correctly, click the verify button. This will send a test request to HackerRank to ensure that Lever can successfully authenticate using the API Key you provided.

How does the integration work?

Before sending an assessment to a candidate, you’ll want to go into the Interview Plan tab of any individual job posting and select “HackerRank” for associated assessment stages. Note that this form is automatically added to your account when the integration is turned on.


To send an assessment to a candidate, change the candidate’s pipeline stage to the stage that is associated with the HackerRank feedback form and click the “Send Test” blue bar at the top of their profile.

Alternatively, you can send a test at any time through the interview process by using the extras menu in the upper right of a candidate’s profile.

Clicking “Send Test” will open the test window where you will be able to:

  1. View the candidate’s name and job posting(s) they are associated with
  2. Select a specific HackerRank for Work Test to send to the candidate
  3. Choose which candidate email address the HackerRank test should be sent to
  4. Choose to send the candidate an additional email via Lever
  5. Edit the email using the email editor in Lever and use typical email features, including auto-text tokens, templates, and rich text options
  6. Receive notifications via email and the Lever Inbox when the HackerRank test is completed

Once a test has been sent, you can view the pending HackerRank test within the top section of the candidate profile. Clicking the “Reminder” button will open the email workflow in Lever.

After the candidate completes the assessment, Lever will create a story on their candidate profile that will include the following information:

  • Score
  • Candidate feedback
  • Plagiarism check
  • Total time taken
  • Time candidate started test
  • Link to full report
  • Name of specific HackerRank test completed

The overall score field will be calculated automatically by Lever. Super admins and Admins can edit the overall score by clicking on the edit button to the right of the feedback form. Team Members and Limited Team Members do not have the ability to edit the score.

To calculate the score, Lever will take a look at the max possible score for the test and the score received by the candidate on the test: (candidate’s score) ÷ (max possible score for the test).  
  • Lever will assign 1–4 score value:
    • 0.00 - 0.24   =    score of 1
    • 0.24 - 0.49   =    score of 2
    • 0.50 - 0.74   =    score of 3
    • 0.75 - 1.00   =    score of 4
  • Example: Max score for a test is 120 and a candidate receives a 98
    • (candidate’s score) ÷ (max possible score for test)  = 98 ÷ 120 = 0.82
    • Lever assigns a score of a 4 to the feedback form

When a candidate has completed their HackerRank assessment, a link to the report in HackerRank for Work will be added to the "Link to full report" section and all followers of that candidate will receive email and Lever inbox notifications.


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