How can I post my jobs from Lever on SEEK?

Lever has partnered with JobTarget to ensure that our customers are able to easily post their published job postings onto SEEK. To enable the integration, you'll want to reach out directly to the JobTarget team first through this simple form

Once you've reached out to the team at JobTarget, they'll ask you to generate your Lever Job Postings Feed. Super admins can enable this feature by doing the following:

1. Go to Lever’s integrations settings page and scroll down to "Job Boards."

2. Click on “Learn More” next to "Job posting feed" 

3. Click on the blue "Generate Job Feed" button.

4. Copy the XML code and click on the "Done" button:



5. Securely transfer the Lever Job Postings feed link to the JobTarget team. 

6. The JobTarget  team will help you get set up to push your published jobs from Lever to SEEK via their OneClick product. Jobs will be posted without any manual interaction, and new jobs will be added every 24 hrs.




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