How can I enable the SEEK integration?

Available for User roles Limited Team Members, Team Members, Admins, Super Admins. Can only be configured by Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages


Lever makes it easy for customers to automatically push and track candidates who applied on SEEK into Lever.


1. A Super Admin on the Lever Hire account should navigate to their integration settings page and locate the SEEK integration then select the toggle to expand the window. 

2. Choose an option for how you would like to push your jobs to SEEK and add your SEEK account ID to the text box. When finished, click the "Send Request to Enable" button.


3. SEEK will be notified of your request and will reach out to you for authorization to enable the Lever-SEEK integration.

4. Once received, SEEK will reach out with your Advertiser Id and you will need to provide Lever with the following information:

  • SEEK Advertiser Id - have your Lever point of contact reach out to SEEK to obtain your company’s Advertiser Id and copy you on the email. The SEEK account representative will then work with you to set your SEEK account permissions accordingly for the integration.
  • Default Stage - this is the Lever stage you’d like candidates from SEEK to be placed in (e.g. New Applicant)
  • Default User - this is the Lever user who “creates” the candidates from SEEK in Lever
  • Default Source - the source tag to be applied to the newly created candidate from SEEK in Lever (e.g. SEEK)
  • Default Origin - the way the candidate was added to Lever (e.g. Applied)
  • Cut Off Date (optional) - Lever can retroactively pull past applicants from SEEK into Lever. You can choose how far into the past you want Lever to retrieve historical data.
  • Authorization: Lever requires that a Super Admin on the account provide authorization to add the appropriate API key and webhook settings in your Lever account - do not delete these, or the integration will stop working!

How to sync candidate applications from SEEK to Lever:

In order to sync candidate applications from SEEK to Lever, you will need to do a little bit of manual setup. Here's how to create and connect a job posting:

1. Once you have created your job posting in Lever, you will need to also create a job posting directly in SEEK - postings created in Lever will NOT automatically push to SEEK.

2. Extract the Lever Posting Id from the URL of the posting in Lever.

(screenshot from your Lever account)



3. Add the Lever job posting ID to the SEEK posting’s internal reference number field.

(screenshot from your Seek account)


4. Repeat this process for each posting that you want to post to SEEK.

Now when candidates apply to a job posting in SEEK, a candidate profile will automatically be created in Lever with the default Origin and Source set, allowing you to review all applications directly in Lever.


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