How to get the right image for your logo and thumbnails

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The "Logos / Style" tab on the job site settings page page is where you'll be able to upload image files for your header logo and social thumbnails.

Header logo 

File format

We require using a .png file with a transparent background (or white since the header’s background color is white). Avoid excess space on your logo file by cropping your image to the edges of your logo in order to maximize the appearance. 

Please make sure that the file extension is in lower-case to ensure proper upload (e.g., exampleimage.png, rather than exampleimage.PNG).

Tip: If you don’t have access to the asset file, try a Google search by entering keywords “logo transparent png” after your company name. Look for a logo fits the above criteria and save that image to your computer.

Size and shape

There might be different versions or sizes of your company's logo. Lever's job pages look best with a wide (or horizontal) logo, so you use a wide logo if you can. Square logos will work fine as well (setting your header size to 'Comfortable' is recommended).




Do not use banner images. We want just a simple image of your logo for the header.

Social media logos

You can also upload different thumbnail images for shared job posting on social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Square thumbnail

Use a square file that is 1200x1200 pixels. We recommend using a square version of your logo on a white or solid color background. Include some spacing around your logo to better frame the thumbnail.



Here's an example of how the square thumbnail looks when a job posting is shared on Twitter:




Landscape thumbnail

For landscape thumbnails, your logo needs to be centered on a solid background rectangle at 1200x630 pixels. Make sure you include some space surrounding the logo. 





Here's what a landscape thumbnail would look when a job posting is shared on LinkedIn and Facebook: 




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