What information appears in the offer approval request?

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It's crunch time. When you're ready to send your candidate an offer, you need to get everybody on board!

First, make sure to set up your offer approval workflows.

Next, add all essential offer details to your offer form. This information will be sent to offer approvers via an email notification.


Hit the "next" button and proceed to request approval. Jot down any accompanying messages and click the "send approval request" button.


The offer approver will receive an email notification that displays all fields that appear in the first step. It will include all optional form fields and fields that the offer creator didn't fill out. This gives approvers full context, without ever leaving their inbox.


(In this screenshot, all of the fields on the offer form were filled out.)

While this email notification cannot be directly customized, feel free to adjust your offer form fields in your offers settings. Learn more about how to do this here!

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