How do I push candidates to GoodHire to kick off a background check?

Available for User roles Super Admins (for configuring the integration)
Plans Enterprise, Professional

Ready to give a candidate an offer? Want to conduct a background check before you do so? Make it easy for your recruiting team to do so by enabling an integration with GoodHire. 

Setup couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to enable the integration in less than a minute:

  • Generate an API key for that integration partner. You'll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with GoodHire will authorize.

  • Grab the newly generated API key from Lever: 

  • Add the API key to GoodHire's secure integrations page.
  • You'll also need to generate a Webhook token for candidate stage changes within Lever here, so that your candidates can be pushed from Lever to GoodHire upon moving into a designated "Background Check" or "Offer" stage (or any other stage of your choosing). This webhook token can then be added to GoodHire.

  • Within GoodHire, you'll first want to enable the integration.

  • Add your GoodHire API key, generated from within Lever:

  • Next, add the webhook URL generated by GoodHire to the list of webhooks for "Candidate stage change". Then copy or generate a webhook signing token from within Lever and add it to Goodhire.

  • Select the stage from which the candidate will be pushed from Lever to GoodHire. 

  • Click to save and you're good to go!

  • Now, when you’re using Lever, as soon as you move a candidate into the designated stage, the candidate will automatically be pushed from Lever to GoodHire to kick off the background check process. Here's a candidate in Lever:

  •  ...and here's what this candidate looks like once pushed to GoodHire:

Drop us a note if any questions come to mind. We're always happy to help setup your GoodHire integration! 

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