How do I push my published job postings to LinkedIn?

Available for User roles Super Admins
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Post all your jobs automatically to LinkedIn as Limited Listings with Lever’s LinkedIn job board integration. Super Admins can enable this feature by doing the following:

Go to the integrations settings page and navigate to the “Job boards” section.

Click on "Learn more" and fill out key details before enabling the integration.


First, select how you want to push your jobs to LinkedIn. The options are:

  1. Push all published job postings by default
  2. Choose on a per job posting basis

The first option is the most seamless and tells our system to automatically push all published job postings to LinkedIn. The second option allows for customization and lets you enable the integration from the settings for each posting.

Next, fill out the "LinkedIn Company ID" field. We will pass this information onto LinkedIn, so when they process your postings, they’ll know which LinkedIn company page to associate with the listing. This will ensure that candidates have the right information on the company they’re applying to!

Tip: If you don’t have your LinkedIn Company ID, read this help article to find it!

After you’ve made your selection and filled out your LinkedIn Company ID, click on the toggle, or click on the blue "Turn on integration" button. When the toggle is green, this means that the integration is enabled, and postings will be pushed to LinkedIn within 24 hours.


What if I want to push specific job postings to LinkedIn?

After you select the second option on the integration settings page, you’ll then go directly to the job postings home page in Lever and select the job posting you want to push. Under the "Posting" tab of the job posting editor, click on the down arrow next to the LinkedIn job board and then click "Turn on": 


It's been more than 48 hours, so why don't I see my job posting on LinkedIn?

It's important to note that your job posting will appear through search on LinkedIn as a "Limited Listing" -- it will not appear on your LinkedIn company page.

In addition, LinkedIn will not publish job postings in the following circumstances:

  • The job is already posted.
  • The job has fewer than 100 words.
  • The job has no location. This includes jobs that have "Remote" or "Anywhere" as a location. (We recommend setting the location as your Company HQ and adding #LI-Remote to your job description)

To double-check that your location is recognized by LinkedIn, check the location of your job posting and go to LinkedIn’s job search page to see how the location is officially named.

If you still can't find your job posting on LinkedIn through a search, it's already been more than 24 hours, and you checked all the criteria above, please contact us.

What if I have an error in my job posting?

If you need to update or correct your job posting, make your changes on the job posting in Lever and your updates will be reflected in LinkedIn within 48 hours.

How do I turn off the LinkedIn integration?

To turn off the LinkedIn integration, go to LinkedIn under "Job boards" on Lever’s integrations settings page. Click the green toggle next to the LinkedIn logo so that it turns gray. Then click on "Yes, disable" button on the alert to confirm that you want to disable the integration.

If you turned on the LinkedIn integration only for a specific job posting, you must go to the job posting's settings to stop pushing that posting to LinkedIn.

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