How do I push my published job postings to Glassdoor?

Reach more candidates and publish all your job openings through Lever’s one-click integration with Glassdoor. Super admins can enable this feature by doing the following:

1. Go to Lever’s integrations settings page and navigate to Job Boards:

By clicking on the gray toggle next to Glassdoor, it will turn green. This indicates that your account's settings with Glassdoor is turned on and all your open job postings will be pushed to Glassdoor within 24 hours. 

If you're not ready to turn it on just yet, you can click on "Learn more" to read more on automatically pushing jobs to Glassdoor and tracking candidates who come from Glassdoor. To turn on the integration, either click on the gray toggle next to Glassdoor to make it green, or click on the blue "Turn on integration" button:

If it's already been more than 24 hours and your job posting is still not appearing on Glassdoor, please contact us

What if I want to publish only some of my job postings to Glassdoor?

All published postings can be turned on and pushed to Glassdoor. You can then manually go in and turn off selective published postings within individual job postings if you don't want to have those individual postings published to Glassdoor. Those individual postings will be removed from the XML feed within 24 hrs. 

Alternatively you can select specific job postings to be pushed to Glassdoor. Just go directly to the job postings page in Lever and select the job posting you want to publish to Glassdoor. Under the Settings tab of the job posting, click on the caret next to the Glassdoor job board to expand Glassdoor settings. Click "Turn on job board for this posting" and click on "Done." The toggle next to Glassdoor will be green, indicating that the job posting has been sent to Glassdoor.

To learn more about how to publish your job postings to Glassdoor or other job boards, take a look at this short video:


What if I already posted jobs to Glassdoor?

If you turn on the integration to push all your jobs to Glassdoor but you already posted some jobs through the free or paid flow, they will be de-duped by Job posting ID, title, company name and job description. The Lever XML feed will take precedence over all other scrapes that were previously done by Glassdoor to try to pull postings into Glassdoor. If customer has Paid Glassdoor postings, these will remain active and will be given precedence over the Lever XML feed. 

How can I convert the job posting into a paid posting on Glassdoor?

There are two options to do this:

1. If you are not currently a Glassdoor customer, call them at (888) 355-9323 for help with converting to a paid posting. If you are a Glassdoor customer, email your Glassdoor Customer Success Manager or

2. Post the paid posting manually on your own. The free posting will then be de-duped in the next ingestion from Lever and removed within 24 hrs. 

What if I have an error in my job posting?

If you need to update or correct your job posting, make your changes on the job posting in Lever and your updates will be reflected in Glassdoor.

How do I turn off the Glassdoor integration?

To turn off the Glassdoor integration, go to Glassdoor under Job Boards on Lever’s integrations settings page. Click the green toggle next to Glassdoor so that it turns gray. You will see an alert confirming if you want to disable the integration. Just click on "Yes, Disable "to turn off the integration. If you turned on the Glassdoor integration only for a specific job posting, you must go to the job posting's settings to turn off the integration.

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