What's changing in the new Lever navigation?


We’re excited to introduce our new look to you. Let’s review the number of improvements you can expect.

Cleaner pipeline

Your pipeline is now separated into three sections. Here is the default layout:

  • Lead: New Lead*, Reached Out*, Responded*
  • Applicant: New Applicant*
  • Interview: Recruiter Screen, Phone Interview, On-site Interview, Offer

(You may have more stages in each tab than listed above.)

While we have introduced these separate sections, candidates will essentially still flow through one unified pipeline. As such, qualified leads and applicants can both move into interview stages (this is a conversion). On the other hand, you may choose to move candidates from “New Applicant” back to “New Lead”. This would count as a regression in reporting.

Owner filter

This menu allows you to filter your overall candidates view.

  • All owners: all candidates in your system, regardless of the owner.
  • Owned by me: candidates that you own. Note that you may not own all candidates that are associated with a job that you own.
  • Followed candidates: candidates that you follow.

If you’re a Limited Team Member, you’ll see this menu instead:

This is because your visibility options are determined by a team admin.

  • All owners: this is not available because you can only see candidates that a Super Admin or Admin has given you access to.
  • Owned by me: candidates that you own.
  • Followed candidates: candidates that you follow.
  • Followed tags: candidates that have tags that you follow. (This option will only appear if you follow a tag.)

If you’re a Limited Team Member, you may see this menu instead:


Because Limited Team Members' access to candidates is configured by Super Admins, Admins, and Team Members, they generally only have access to a subset of all the candidates in your company’s Lever account.

  • All owners: All candidates in your system that you have access to, regardless of the owner.
  • Owned by me: Candidates you own.
  • Followed candidates: Candidates you follow (i.e., get notifications about).

Filter sidebar

The sidebar is now on the left side of your screen! Come here to filter your pipeline by items, like job postings, tags, source tags, and origins. Drill down further by clicking on the “more filters” button.

Job posting filter

As mentioned above, the filter sidebar allows you to quickly view candidates by the postings you’re interested in.

  • Search bar: this allows you to search for any posting you’d like.
  • Show all: this displays all published and internal postings.
  • Sort (“...”): this presents you with various options to sort postings in the sidebar.
    • Sort by type - postings that you own and follow.
    • Sort by team
    • Sort by location
    • Sort by hiring manager

Snoozed candidates

Snoozing is a helpful tool for reminding yourself to take action on a candidate. If you want to take a look at all snoozed candidates, toggle on your snoozed view, from the bottom of the left sidebar. This will filter your pipeline to only show snoozed candidates.

When the snoozed toggle is switched on, it will turn blue:

Archived candidates

Archived candidates haven’t gone too far away! On the upper-right side of your pipeline, you’ll see an “archive” section. Click on “archive,” and we’ll bring up your archived candidates in their respective archive reason buckets.

To exit this view, simply click on any other section title.


Take a sneak peek at these changes in the following video:


If you have any questions or concerns about this, feel free to send us a note.

* These stages are required and cannot be deleted.

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