Why isn’t my email sending? Why isn’t my calendar invite going through?

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Lever relies on a two-way sync which allows you to send an email to a candidate, or send a calendar invite for an interview. This two-way sync works thanks to Lever's robust integration with Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365, depending on your email and calendar server. 

At times, the credentials you've entered into Lever may become outdated. At this moment, Lever will prompt you to reset your authorization credentials. To do so:

1. Go to https://hire.lever.co/settings

2. Uncheck all three Permissions boxes (Contacts, Calendar, Email)

3. Click "Save Changes"

4. Re-check all three Permissions boxes

5. Click "Save Changes" 

6. Re-authenticate your permissions through the authentication flow.

If you have any questions about your two-way Google Apps, Microsoft Exchange, or Office 365 sync, don't hesitate to drop our team a note and we'll be more than happy to help.

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