How do I create a new candidate from AngelList?

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Lever's Chrome Extension makes it easy to create candidates from AngelList. Here's how:

1. To view candidates who have applied to open roles at your team via AngelList, check out your AngelList Applications

2. Found a candidate who looks like an awesome fit for an open job posting? Time to add them to Lever! 

 3. Find the candidate's resume and download it by holding down OPTION while clicking "Resumé". This will download the resume to your desktop.   

4. Open the Lever Chrome Extension by clicking the Lever icon in Chrome menu bar. 

5. Drag and drop the candidate's resume into the Lever Chrome Extension. 

6. Watch Lever parse this candidate's information in seconds! When it's done, simply click "Create candidate". And you're done! It's pure magic. 

Questions about the Lever Chrome Extension? Drop our team a note and we'll be happy to help. 

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