How can I keep my Sources and Tags clean and build great reporting data?

Available for User roles Admins, Super Admins
Packages Select Lever packages

Prevent Source and Tag clutter with lockdown mode! Lockdown mode prevents Team Members and Limited Team Members from creating new sources and tags. This allows you to pre-define a set list of Sources and Tags that can be associated with candidate profiles. This can help you and your team keep your reporting data pristine without any overhead.

How do I enable lockdown mode?

As a Super Admin or Admin, navigate to your Sources and tags settings and check the box next to "Lock down sources and tags".


What happens when I enable lockdown mode?

While lockdown mode is enabled, Team Members and Limited Team Members can add existing Sources and Tags to candidates, but will not be able to create new ones — only Super Admins and Admins can.

If a Team Member or Limited Team Member tries to create a new Source or Tag, we will display an error message that only Super Admins and Admins can do so.

If a Super Admin or Admin decides to create a Source or Tag on a profile, we will display a confirmation message. This step will help to encourage data cleanliness and reduce duplicates.


Enable lockdown mode, and be systematic with your Sources and Tags!

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