How can I connect a candidate’s LinkedIn profile in Lever?

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Please note: Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter is only available for users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition and Lever Professional, or Enterprise Plans, or a Lever package. To find out your LinkedIn Recruiter edition, first login to LinkedIn Recruiter. If the LinkedIn logo includes "Recruiter," you are using Recruiter Corporate Edition. If the logo includes "Recruiter Lite," you are using Recruiter Lite Edition. 

Lever Super Admin from your company will need to enable this integration. More information can be found here.

Once your integration with LinkedIn Recruiter is live, users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition can view candidates' LinkedIn profiles, InMails, and Notes in Lever.

Within a candidate's profile in Lever, the LinkedIn Recruiter link on the right-hand panel will indicate if the profile is already connected to LinkedIn. 


Click Connect to LinkedIn Recruiter to link the candidate's LinkedIn profile with his/her Lever profile. You will need to be logged into your LinkedIn Recruiter account to complete this action. If you are not already logged in, you will be prompted to enter your LinkedIn Recruiter credentials.

The required fields for connecting a Lever and LinkedIn profile are Candidate Name and Email. Once those fields are populated for the candidate, Lever will automatically lookup and join the candidate to a LinkedIn profile if a unique match is found. A new screen will appear in front of the candidate profile that embeds his/her LinkedIn profile within Lever. If the incorrect profile is matched, simply click Is this not the right profile, and LinkedIn will suggest other possible profiles to connect.


If a match is not found, you will be taken directly to other possible profiles to connect:


Once joined, the connection link will now read LinkedIn Recruiter Connected. Clicking this will display the candidate's LinkedIn profile from inside Lever.

Lever will also update with LinkedIn Notes and InMails. LinkedIn Notes will populate within Lever Notes, and InMails can be found within Emails.


If a candidate is incorrectly linked to the wrong LinkedIn profile, you can also click the trash bin icon to disconnect the profile. You will need to replace the linkage with another candidate for it to fully save.


Helpful Tips:

  • Lever will only import Notes and InMails that originate from a LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition account associated with your company's LinkedIn license. We are unable to import InMails and Notes that were created from a personal LinkedIn account.
  • Once successfully linked, there is no need to manually re-import data from LinkedIn. Lever will frequently check for any InMail and Notes activity, and this will all be reflected in Lever.
  • Replying to InMails in Lever will redirect users to LinkedIn to submit the new message.
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