How can I enable Apply with LinkedIn?

Available for User roles Configurable by Super Admins, Admins
Plans Enterprise, Professional

Candidates can use Apply with LinkedIn to supplement job applications with additional information from their LinkedIn profile. If they choose to use this feature while submitting their application, and if the details are available, the following information from the candidate’s LinkedIn profile will populate on their Lever profile:

  • Name
  • Job History
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Location
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • School

To provide this option for your candidates, Super Admins and Admins can enable Apply with LinkedIn on the job site settings page.

On this page, click the “+ Apply with LinkedIn” located at the bottom of the Personal Information section. 


The “Apply with LinkedIn” field will now appear above “Resume” in the Personal Information section. It can only be an optional field. 


Save your changes, and the “Apply with LinkedIn” button will now be available on all of your External and Unlisted job postings - Apply With LinkedIn will not appear on your internal postings.


Please note: If you are using Apply with LinkedIn data to recruit for multiple companies, please ask a Super Admin to configure the Apply with LinkedIn integration from the integration settings page. Checking this box will inform candidates on the posting application form that their LinkedIn data may be used for jobs with other companies.


After you check this box, the text next to the “Apply with LinkedIn” button will update and appear like this:


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