How do I import and screen candidates from Triplebyte?

Find and engage top talent faster with Lever’s integration with Triplebyte.


Setup couldn’t be easier. Here’s how to enable the integration in less than a minute:

  • You must be a Super Admin to enable this integration.
  • Go to Lever’s integrations settings page.
  • Click the toggle next to Triplebyte's logo.




  • Generate an API key for that integration partner. You'll be able to see exactly which actions the integration with Triplebyte will authorize.




  • Grab the newly generated API key from Lever:







When you’re using Triplebyte to screen and interview candidates, you can easily push candidates into Lever with one click. And if you'd like a candidate to take a coding assessment through Triplebyte, simply add the tag of "Give access to Triplebyte" to that candidate to push that candidate into Triplebyte.


Drop us a note if any questions come to mind.

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