How do I add a resume to a candidate profile?

Available for User roles All Users besides Interviewers
Packages All Lever packages

Lever allows users to add new or specify existing candidate files as a resume. You can add a resume the following ways:

1. In a candidate profile, click Upload A Resume and select the file you want to upload. If a resume file already exists, you can click Add Resume to upload an additional file.


2. Simply drag a resume from your computer into the candidate's resume drop-zone area.


3. If a candidate profile contains an existing resume from its files, hover over the file and click the CV icon to include it as part of the resume section. The same can be done to convert a resume file into a standard file.


Helpful Tips

  • Resume files are visible to all candidate followers and Interviewers who are included in a specific candidate's interview.
  • You can store multiple files as resumes. This may be helpful if a candidate submitted an updated resume or if you wanted to categorize supplemental application documents (e.g. Cover Letter or Portfolio) as part of the candidate's resume section.
  • Resumes that are attached from candidate applications will automatically be stored in the resume section of the candidate profile.



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