How are candidates created from InMail conversations?

Please note that Lever's integration with LinkedIn Recruiter is only available for users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition and Lever Legacy, Professional, or Enterprise EditionTo find out your LinkedIn Recruiter edition, first login to LinkedIn Recruiter. If the LinkedIn logo includes "Recruiter," you are using Recruiter Corporate Edition. If the logo includes "Recruiter Lite," you are using Recruiter Lite Edition.

A Lever Super Admin from your company will need to enable this integration. More information can be found here.

Using LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition, when you send an InMail to a prospect, a candidate profile will be created in Lever if the prospect shares his/her contact information in the InMail reply. The Share my contact info box is checked by default.


Once the prospect replies, a new candidate profile will be created in Lever.


The new profile will populate with the shared contact details, InMails, and notes from LinkedIn. The candidate will also be marked with the following:

  • Stage: New Lead
  • Origin: Sourced
  • Source Tag: LinkedIn


Helpful Tip

  • If a candidate already exists in Lever with the same email address as a prospect who replies to an InMail, then the existing candidate in Lever will be updated with the shared LinkedIn details.
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