How can I add/source candidates to Lever using the Chrome extension?

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Please note that you will need to download Lever's Chrome extension to add candidates from external sourcing sites into Lever.

Lever's Chrome extension allows you to create and link Lever candidates with profiles from external sites like GitHub, AngelList, Dribbble, and more.

When viewing an external profile, you will be prompted to create a new candidate if Lever cannot find a matching profile URL attached to an existing Lever candidate. A Create button will slide onto the bottom-right area of the browser. Click this button to expand the Chrome extension where you can complete the candidate import process. Alternatively, you can also click on the Lever icon within the Chrome menubar to expand the extension.



Once the Chrome extension is expanded, simply copy the necessary fields from the external profile onto the form. Lever will auto-populate these fields if they are already available within the profile. Name is required to create a new candidate in Lever.


Click Create Candidate, and the external profile will be added as a new candidate in Lever. The expanded extension will now produce a condensed Lever profile page, where you can make additional edits to the candidate like attaching a job posting, adding a note and @mentioning other users, updating the stage, and including additional contact details. All of this information will be updated in real time in Lever. You can also click on the arrow beside the candidate name to navigate to the actual candidate profile in Lever.


If the external profile URL is already detected in a Lever candidate profile, an Open button will slide from the bottom right of the browser. Click this button or the Lever icon on the menubar to expand the Chrome extension and display the condensed Lever profile.


If Lever cannot match an external profile URL but can detect a matching candidate name, an Add Link button will slide from the bottom right of the browser.


Click Add Link or the Lever icon on the menubar to expand the extension and show suggested candidates in Lever that may match the external profile. Select Add To next to the suggested candidate to successfully attach the external profile to the Lever record. 


If the suggested Lever candidates do not match the external profile, you can select Search for a candidate to manually search for Lever profiles within the extension.


For more information, here's a quick video about adding candidates using Lever's Chrome extension. 

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