How can I check that someone from LinkedIn is already in Lever?

Please note that Lever's integration with LinkedIn Recruiter is only available for users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition and Lever Legacy, Professional, or Enterprise EditionTo find out your LinkedIn Recruiter edition, first login to LinkedIn Recruiter. If the LinkedIn logo includes "Recruiter," you are using Recruiter Corporate Edition. If the logo includes "Recruiter Lite," you are using Recruiter Lite Edition. 

A Lever Super Admin from your company will need to enable this integration. More information can be found here.

Using LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition, when you search for candidates on LinkedIn, a notification below the individual's connections count will indicate whether or not they already exist in Lever.


Click this link to open another window where you can navigate directly to the candidate's Lever profile by clicking on the candidate name.


Additionally, if you are on an individual's LinkedIn profile, a button will appear within your Recruiting Toolbar as another detection that he/she already exists in Lever. Click this button to also navigate to the candidate's profile in Lever. 


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