How do I enable Lever's integration with LinkedIn Recruiter?

Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter will help you and your team work much more quickly and seamlessly across both platforms. For all LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition users:
  • Candidates in Lever and LinkedIn Recruiter will be connected through cross-system awareness between the two solutions, saving you time and keeping you informed wherever you are working.
  • Within Lever, you will be able to view the candidate’s current Linkedin profile. Within LinkedIn Recruiter, you will also be able to see candidates that are already in the Lever via an "In Lever" badge.
  • All of your LinkedIn Recruiter Notes and InMails will be visible directly in Lever for a complete view of all your candidate interactions. You’ll also be able to click within Lever to send an InMail.
  • When a candidate responds to a recruiter's InMails, they can elect to send basic LinkedIn profile information along with their response, creating a profile within Lever.
Please note that Lever’s integration with LinkedIn Recruiter is only available for users with LinkedIn Recruiter Corporate Edition and Lever Legacy, Professional, or Enterprise Edition. To find out your LinkedIn Recruiter edition, first login to LinkedIn Recruiter. If the LinkedIn logo includes "Recruiter," you are using Recruiter Corporate Edition. If the logo includes "Recruiter Lite," you are using Recruiter Lite Edition. 
A Super Admin can enable this integration by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations. Under Partner Integrations, enable LinkedIn Recruiter.


2. You will be prompted to enter the following information from your company's LinkedIn contract: Full NameEmail, and LinkedIn Contract ID.


To find your Contract ID:

  • Login to LinkedIn Recruiter as an administrator.
  • Select "More," then select "Admin Settings."
  • Your LinkedIn Contract ID will appear just below your account name near the top the page. Only enter the numbers in your contract ID.


3. Once all information is entered, click Start Activation. Lever will now contact LinkedIn to establish the integration.


4. Lever will notify you once the integration with LinkedIn has been established. This process takes on average 1-2 weeks. Afterward, under the same Integrations page within Settings, you will see a list of all of your LinkedIn users with a Recruiter seat. You will need to map each LinkedIn user to a Lever user.


5. Once all users have been mapped, the setup will be complete. Make sure that your users are logged into their LinkedIn Recruiter account, and they will be able to take advantage of these features!

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